Kerala PSC - Solved Paper Junior Supervisor, Canteen

Kerala PSC - Solved Paper Junior Supervisor, Canteen
Kerala PSC - Solved Paper Junior Supervisor, Canteen, Online Examination held on 17 Mar 2016 Paper code A

1. In Mauryan administrative terminology the special reporters to the king was called by which name.
Ans: Prativedikas

2. Who propounded the philosophy of 'dvaitadvaita'?
Ans: Nimbaraka

3. Who founded 'Harijan Sevak sangh' for providing educational,medical and technical facilities to depressed classes.
Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

4. Who was the founder of 'Servants of the People Society'?
Ans: Lala Lajpat Rai

5. As per the Census 2011,which Union Territory in India has the highest female sex ratio.
Ans: Pondicherry

6. Who won French Open 2014 womens singles title?
Ans: Maria Sharapova

7. Khologchu hydro-electric project is a joint venture between India and
Ans: Bhutan

8. Which country won Hocky World cup 2014?
Ans: Australia

9. Who was the founder of 'Vaala Samudaya Parishkarani Sabha'?
Ans: Pandit Karuppan

10. Who was the brain child of Ezhava Memorial?
Ans: Dr.Palpu

11. Who introduced 'Permanant Revenue Settlement?
Ans: Cornwallies

12. In which year the Kayal conference was held  under the leadership of Pandit Karuppan
Ans: 1913

13. Who wrote the novel'Idris'
Ans: Anitha Nair

14. K.R.Narayanan Institute of visual Science and Arts is situated in which district.
Ans: Kottayam

15. Who wrote 'Kristumatha Niroopanam'
Ans: Vagbhatananda

16. During the European period which river in Kerala was called a 'English
Channel' in India.
Ans: Mayazhi

17. The headquarters of 'forest survey of India is situated at
Ans: Dehradun

18. Who was the President of Indian National Congress at the time of Indian Independence?
Ans: J.B.Kripalani

19. Over which occassion Ganghi gave his famous slogan 'Do or Die'
Ans: Quit India Movement

20. Who wrote "The Hindus" An Alternative History"
Ans: Wendi Donigar

21. What is motel?
Ans: A small hotel on the highway where motorists check in.

22. Which one of the following is a heritage hotel?
Ans: Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

23. The housemaid always performs:
Ans: Light cleaning jobs and linen arrangements

24. Average room rate
Ans: (Number beds sold/Number of beds Available for sale)*100

25. A Duplex room is room with
Ans: Two storeys connected by stairs

26. Modified American Plan(MAP)
Ans: A billing aarangement under which the daily rate is including room and two meals,generallyBreakfast and dinner.

27. Skipper:
Ans: A guest who leaves with no intention of paying for the room.

28. No-show:
Ans: a guest who made a room reservation but did ot register or check in.

29. The size of a bed in a king room is:
Ans: 80'*72'

30. The minimum carpet area for a five star resort hotel is
Ans: 200sq.ft.

31. One would find boatels in
Ans: Srinagar

32. Which one of the forllowing organisation is operating youth hostels around the world?

33. Master key:
Ans: A key which opens all guest room when it is not double locked.

34. Which one of the following is inflammable organic solvent?
Ans: carbon tetra chloride

35. Lanai;
Ans: It is a room with good view.

36. Studio room:
Ans: It is a room with a bed that can be turned into sofa when not in use.

37. Which one of the following is used for removing blood stain?
ans: Oxalic acid.

38. Which one of the following flower arrangements is done based on angle?
Ans: Facing arrangement

39. Which one of the following equipment is manual equipment in Housekeeping?
Ans: squeeze

40. Which one of the following is warm colour?
Ans: Red

41. Who is in-charge of food production department?
Ans: chef de Cuisine

42. An Italian term used to denote commodity which has been cooked to a degree where it still is slightly firm to eat known as
Ans: All dente

43. Chiffonade:
Ans: A leafy vegetable cut into shred

44. Gazpacho is an example of
Ans: cold soup

45. Which is the derivative of bechamel sauce?
Ans: Mornay

46.Which is cold mother sauce?
Ans;Mayonnaise sauce

47. Which cut is culled from the loin of the lamb?
Ans: sirloin chop

48. Which one is a game?
Ans: Rabbit

49. Which one is the moist cooking method?
Ans: Stewing

50. A dish prepared with a Bechamel sauce containing mushrooms, green peppers, and red or pimento peepers known as
Ans: A la king

51. Small cakes made from yeast dough containing raisins or currants known as
Ans: Baba

52. Which one is hard cheese?
Ans: Parmesan

53. A mixture of beaten eggs, and a liquid such as milk or water, that is used to coat baked good before or during baking to give them a sheen is known as
Ans: Egg wash

54. The French term for goose liver paste is
Ans: Pate De foie Gras

55. The french term for lobster is
Ans: Hommard

56. Liason
Ans: A mixture of egg and cream.

57. Which one of the forllowing proteins is found in wheat and other cereal flours that forms the structure of the bread dough?
Ans: Gluten

58. The patty of the hamburger is made of
Ans: ground beef

59. Which one is example of savaries?
Ans: Welsh rarebit

60. Which one is an example of hors-doeure?
Ans: Caviar

61. Which is fermented alcoholic beverage?
Ans: Beer

62. The base of Rusty Nail cocktail is
Ans: Scotch Whisky

63. The base of Pink Lady is
Ans: Gin

64. Guiness is the beer from
Ans: Ireland

65. Morgan spice is
Ans: Spiced Rum

66. Glenfidich is
Ans: Single malt scotch

67. The wine governing body of France is
Ans; AOC

68. 'Starka vodka' is
Ans: made from rye and matured

69. Mirabelie
Ans: Yellow plum brandy

70. Which one of the following is red grape?
Ans: Cabernet Sauvignon

71. Which is red wine from Bordeaux region of France
Ans: Chateau Lafite Rothschild

72. Corona is
Ans: 9 degree long cigar

73. The flavouring agent and base of Benedictine are
Ans: Herbs and Brandy

74. Which is the base of Calypso coffee?
Ans: Tia-Maria

75. The base of Black Russian cocktail is
Ans: Vodka

76. Vintage champagne is matured with the lees for at least
Ans: 3 years

77. Which is sparkling wine is from Italy
Ans: Asti

78. VSOPeognac is matured for
Ans: 25 to 40 years

79. Which is fortified wine?
Ans: Port wine

80. Which is vermouth
Ans: Martini dry

81. Find the odd word from the given response
Ans: Audition

82 .find the odd letter

83. The second largest linguistics unit in India is
Ans: Telegu

84. Which is called the 'Gate way of the Pacific"
Ans: Gulf of Alaska

85. Which is not a rabi crop
Ans: Maize

86. What do you mean by 'reserved forest'
Ans: reserved for growing medicinal herbs

87. Which one is a leap year
Ans: 1704

88. find out the most suitable answer-People wear goggles because
Ans: they protect their eyes from dazzling light

89. Find out the most suitable answer
Policeman wears a uniform because
Ans: he can be easily recognised

90. A deaf is alwys dumb because
Ans: speaking is learnt by hearing from others.

91. Farmers use manure in their fields because
Ans: it helps in maintaining the fertility of the soil

92. Children should avoid smoking because
Ans: It is injurious for health

93. Vikash is taller than Shyam but shorter than Umesh,Umesh is taller than Rajat.If Shyam is taller than Rajat who is shortest among all?
Ans: Rajat

94. A base ball team has lost 7 games and has won 13 games.What percent of the games played did they win
Ans: 65

95. If 1 out of every 50 people who play a certain games win a prize,what percent of people loose
Ans: 98

96. A car costs a dealer Rs.50000 the dealer raised the price by Rs.13000 and then deducted 1/7 of the new price what percentage of the original cost was the car sold for?
Ans: 108

97. In 21 cows eat as much as 15 oxen, how many cows will eat as much as 25 oxen
Ans: 35

98. Which is situated on the eastern cost of India
Ans: Cochin

99. Asia's first sky city is proposed rp be set up at
Ans: Kochi

100. Which country is known as'Land of Thousand Lakes'
Ans: Finland
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