Kerala PSC - Facts about Renaissance of Kerala - 09

1. Name the Persian ruler who sent Abdu Rassak to the court of Zamorin?

2. Name the Italian traveller who visited Malabar at the beginning of 16th Century?

3. Which was the first fort built by the English in Kerala?

4. Which is the oldest European fort in India?

5. Who built the Pallippuram fort in 1503?

6. Who built the Palakkad Fort in 1766?

7. Which is the largest fort in Kerala?

8. Who built the Bakel Fort?

9. Where is the St. Angelo Fort?

10. Which Europeans were behind the construction of St. Angelo fort?

11. Thalasserry fort was built by ____?

12. To resist the invasion of Tipu Sulthan, which Travancore ruler constructed the Nedumkotta?

13. Eezhakkash, which was popular in ancient Kerala were the coins from ____?

14. Name the gold coin, which is known as the earliest coin of Kerala?

15. Veerarayan puthiya panam was the coin of _____?