Kerala PSC - Facts about Renaissance of Kerala - 10

Kerala PSC - Facts about Renaissance of Kerala - 10

1. Anantharayanpanam and ananthavaraham were the coins of_____?

2. Which was the most important coin issued by the Kochi Kings?

3. Which was the only princely state in India to have the right to issue its own at the time of ____ Indian independence?

4. Aanakas was the coin of

5. Which is the only state capital of India, that was never under the rule of the foreigners?

6. Which is the first edict of the Chera Kings that recovered from Kerala?

7. Name the Chera King who issued the Vazhappally edict?

8. Who was the ruler to issue the Jew Edict?

9. In which year was the Jew Edict issued?

10. Which ruler of the Venad issued the Tharisappally Copper Plates in 849 AD?

11. Which was the first edict to mention the Kollam Era?

12. Name the Venad ruler who issued the Mampally Edict?

13. Who is known as 'Shastrabahyan' in the medevial history of Kerala?

14. What was described as 'Yavanapriya'?

15. Which port of Kerala was known as the 'entry point in to the ancient India'?

16. Which port in Kerala was known in the name Barakke?

17. Which place in Kerala was known as Kottanora in ancient times?

18. Which port of Kerala was once renamed as Rajendra Chola Pattanam?

19. Which Kerala port was called as Naura by the foreigners?

20. Balitha was the ancient name of _____?

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