Kerala PSC - Facts about Renaissance of Kerala - 08

1. The famous Mamankam Festival was conducted at?

2. Tirunavaya is situated on the banks of ?

3. Nila River is also known as?

4. The largest river of Kerala

5. Mamankam was a festival of ____ days?

6. Mamankam was held once is every ____ years

7. Earlier times, who presided over the Mamankam?

8. In the medieval period who was vested with the right to conduct Mamankam?

9. In the later period, which ruler took the right to conduct Mamankam by force?

10. Who used to send Chavers to fight until death to capture the right of Mamankam from the Zamorin?

11. The last Mamankam was held at Thirunavaya in

12. Recently Mamankam organised again to give Malabar the thrust as a tourist destination. When was it?

13. Which Mangolian emperor sent Marco Polo as his ambassador?

14. The travelogue Rihla was written by _____?

15. Which Persian ruler who sent Abdu Rassak to the court of Zamorin?