Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 13
Kerala Public Service Commission Recruitment of Beat Forest Officer vacancies in 2016 under Forest Department. for Male/Female candidates who are waiting for Forest Officer latest recruitment in Kerala PSC (KPSC). Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016.

1. How many Indian states are situated on the Tropic of Cancer?

2. The Lushai Hills are mainly situated in the Indian state of _____?

3. Which Important geographical lines is passing through India?

4. Honeymoon, Breakfast Islands are situated in _____?

5. Tehri Dam is across the river _____?

6. Which river is 'the Sorrow of Bengal'?

7. Rann of Kutch is the part of which Indian State?

8. In September 2011, India leased the Tin Bigha Corridor to which neighbouring country?

9. Aksai Chin is part of the Which Indian state?

10. India's highest peak Mount K2 is situated in which mountain range?

11. The Hindu Raj mountain range is situated in _____?

12. What is the name of the older alluvium sediments found in the Northern Plains?

13. The young or newer alluvial sediments deposited on the flood plains are known as _____?

14. Which plateau is situated between the Western Ghat and Eastern Ghat?

15. Which is the largest plateau in India?

16. What is the shape of the vast Deccan Plateau?

17. What is the name of the water body that divide the Andaman & Nicobar island groups?

18. In which state is the Garo-Khasi range situated?

19. The world's wettest place Mawsynram is situated in which hills?

20. In which Indian state is the places Cherrapunji and Mawsynram?