Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 12
Kerala Public Service Commission Recruitment of Beat Forest Officer vacancies in 2016 under Forest Department. for Male/Female candidates who are waiting for Forest Officer latest recruitment in Kerala PSC (KPSC). Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016.

1. Which is the standard meridian of India?

2. Indian Standard Time is ahead of Greenwich Mean Time by ?

3. What is the North-South distance of India?

4. What is the East-West distance of India?

5. What is India's Total Land area?

6. What percent of worlds land surface area is covered by India?

7. Which is the seventh largest country in the world?

8. The length of India's coastline is about ____Kms?

9. Which Indian mountain range has a triangular shape?

10. Which is the oldest mountain range in India?

11. What is the approximate length of the Western Ghats?

12. Which is the only river in India that flows in a rift valley?

13. Which river flows between the ranges Satpura and Vindhya?

14. Which Indian state covers the 61 percent of the Thar Desert?

15. Which is Indian's only active volcano?

16. Which is the only mud Volcano in India?

17. Which is the most suitable soil for the cultivation of cotton?

18. How many Indian states have coastlines?

19. Which Indian state shares borders with maximum number of states?

20. What is the rank of India among the world countries in the total forest area?