Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 01

Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 01

1. Who was Kerala's First Minister for Forest ?

2. Where is the headquarters of the Kerala Forest Development Corporation?

3. In which wildlife sanctuary is the Thunacadavu reservoir situated?

4. The Kuriarkutty river flows through which wildlife sanctuary?

5. The Kannimara Teak, said to be Asia's Largest teak situated in which wildlife sanctuary?

6. In Which year was Silent Valley declared as National Park?

7. Who inaugurated the Silent Valley National Park on 7 September 1985?

8. Which was the first wildlife sanctuary of Kerala to appear in the postal stamp?

9. In which year was the Kerala Private Forests (Vesting & Assignment) Act passed?

10. In which year was the Kerala Forest Development Corporation established?

11. The Kerala Forest Research Institute is situated at _____?

12. Where was the Forest School established in 1981?

13. In which district is the Arippa forests situated?

14. In which year was the Social Forestry Programme started?

15. Which was the first bird sanctuary of Kerala?

16. Which are the Biosphere Reserves of Kerala?

17. Which are the Tiger Reserves of Kerala?

18. What is the total Number of Elephant Reserves in Kerala?

19. Which are the Elephant Reserves of Kerala?

20. Which is India's first planned eco-tourism destination?

21. Where is the only lion safari park of Kerala situated?

22. Which is the only sanctuary in India devoted entirely to a single plant?

23. Which Plant's scientific name is Strobilanthes Kunthiana?

24. Which wildlife sanctuary of Kerala derived its name from a tree?

25. Neelakurinji blooms once in ____years.

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