Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 31 Mar 2016
Daily Current Affairs Quiz 31st March 2016, Current affairs and GK questions on National and International are listed in the Quiz. Candidates those who are preparing for Government Jobs and IBPS/SBI/RRB exams and all other exams can use these questions.

1. The Bihar Assembly has unanimously passed the Bihar Excise (Amendment) Bill 2016 to enforce the ban on country made liquor. The bill is going to come into act from

[a] April 1st
[b] April 5th
[c] April 10th
[d] March 1st
[e] None of the above

2. Which bank is going to provide loan to Lucknow Metro Project of €450 million (about Rs. 3,300 cror[e] towards constructing a 23-km long rail line and a purchasing a fleet of new trains?

[a] Asian Development Bank
[b] World Bank
[c] African Development Bank
[d] European Investment Bank
[e] International Finance Corporation

3. Which among the following countries effected with worst drought for more than 20 years, with water levels in the country’s biggest dams lower than 10 percent?

[a] Armenia
[b] Angola
[c] Togo
[d] Thailand
[e] Tonga

4. Which country has expressed keen interest in joining hands with India for irrigation and other water-related projects as well as for Clean Ganga project?

[a] Italy
[b] Israel
[c] Hong Kong
[d] Greece
[e] Denmark

5. Indian Direct Selling Association (IDS[A] has announced whom as its new Executive Committee at the General Body Meeting held in New Delhi?

[a] Jitendra Jagota
[b] Niraj Antani
[c] Renu Sood Karnad
[d] Pawan Munjal
[e] None of the above

6. Three public sector lenders have received approval from the government for capital infusion into the banks totalling to up to 2,375 crore. Those three banks are

[a] Central Bank of India, Dena Bank and Bank of India
[b] Andhra Bank, Dena Bank and Bank of India
[c] Central Bank of India, Bank of India and Allahabad Bank
[d] Andhra Bank, Allahabad Bank and Canara Bank
[e] Central Bank of India, Allahabad Bank and Canara Bank

7. The industrial body ASSOCHAM in one of its recent study revealed that Gujarat and ______ contribute nearly 46% of the Indian exports occupying the topmost place.

[a] Karnataka
[b] Haryana
[c] Madhya Pradesh
[d] Maharashtra
[e] Kerala

8. Poet Haldar Nag, a class III dropout, conferred Padma Shri. He is a poet of which language?

[a] Urdu
[b] Kannada
[c] Odia
[d] Telugu
[e] Kosli

9. Researchers have discovered rare sand-eating tadpoles discovered in

[a] Western Ghats
[b] Eastern Ghats
[c] Indo Gangetic Plane
[d] Mahadeo Hills
[e] Rohllkhand Planes

10. Name the Oscar winning actress who dies at the age of 69.

[a] Paltrow
[b] Patty Duke
[c] Mila Kunis
[d] Bette Davis
[e] Lauren Bacall

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