Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 10

Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 10

Q.1. Which of the following device accesses data sequentially?
(1) Magnetic disk
(2) CD-ROM
(3) Magnetic tape
(4) Floppy disk
(5) Pen Drive

Q.2. The function key F2 is used for ______ a file.

(1) Refresh
(2) Cut
(3) Rename
(4) Help
(5) Save As

Q.3. ________Service provides the server computer and the software to connect to the Internet.

(1) An Internet link provider
(2) A browser service provider
(3) A client service provider
(4) An Internet service provider (ISP)
(5) A Network service provider

Q.4. To reload a web page press the _______ button.

(1) Redo
(2) Reload
(3) Restore
(4) Ctrl
(5) Refresh

Q.5. The standard input device for a PDA is a:

(1) Stylus
(2) Touch pad
(3) Keyboard
(4) trackball mouse
(5) Pen Drive

Q.6. What does it mean to be platform independent?

(1) Any type of user, beginner or advanced, can efficiently use a PC
(2) Hardware devices can be removed and replaced without powering down
(3) Hardware, like USB, can be run on both Macs and PCs
(4) A computer can be a desktop or sit upright like a tower
(5) A computer can be a mainframe or supercomputer

Q.7. A ________ is a set of rules that governs data communication.

(1) forum
(2) Protocol
(3) Standard
(4) algorithm
(5) Topology

Q.8. The principle advantage of adding memory to a printer is to increase ______.

(1) Resolution
(2) Print speed
(3) Number of colors in output
(4) Dpi
(5) Print Paper

Q.9. What is another name for functional language?

(1) Machine language
(2) Application language
(3) Low-level language
(4) High-level language
(5) Assemble-level language

Q.10. Which key is used in combination with another key to perform a specific task?

(1) Function
(2) Control
(3) Arrow
(4) Space bar
(5) Esc

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