Solved Question Paper - Lab Tech Assistant - Maintenance & Repairs of Two Wheelers (Part I)

Solved Question Paper - Lab Tech Assistant - Maintenance & Repairs of Two Wheelers (Part I)

Kerala PSC Solved Question Paper Lab Tech. Assistant - maintenance & Repairs of Two Wheelers, Exam held on 15 Dec 2015 (Paper Code A)

1. The petrol engine is working on

(a) constant Pressure cycle
(b) Constant Volume cycle
(c) Carnot Cycle
(d) None of the Above

2. The main difference in operation of petrol engine from diesel engine is that:

(a) draws air fuel mixture during suction
(b) draws only air during compression
(c) inlet valve closes during compression
(d) exhaust valve opens during exhaust stroke

3. If a single cylinder engine produce a power in each rotation of crank shaft, the the engine is a:

(a) 4 - stroke engine
(b) 2 - stroke engine
(c) Wankel engine
(d) All of the above

4. The antiknocking properties of petrol is expressed in:

(a) DIN
(b) SAE number
(c) Cetane number
(d) Octane number

5. The number of crank pin in the crank shaft of a V-type engine is:

(a) equal to number of cylinder
(b) equal to double of number of cylinder
(c) equal to half of number of cylinder
(d) none of the above

6. The size of flywheel used in single cylinder 4 stroke engine compared to a flywheel of the single cylinder 2-stroke engine of same capacity is

(a) larger
(b) smaller
(c) same
(d) None of the above

7. Which of the following compound is added to petrol to improve it;s anti knocking property?

(a) sodium bicarbonate
(b) Calcium bicarbonate
(c) Potassium nitrate
(d) Tetra ethyl lead

8. Diaphragm type mechanical fuel pump is drien by:

(a) V-belt
(b) Chain
(c) Camshaft eccentric
(d) Cooling fan

9. If the engine is continues to running after the ignition switch is turned off is called:

(a) Dieseling
(b) Percolation
(c) Purging
(d) Flooding

10. the component of battery coil ignition system which convert battery voltage into breakdown voltage is called:

(a) Condenser
(b) Ignition coil
(c) Ballast resistor
(d) Distributor

11. The mechanism which uses fly weights to advance spark in the engine cylinder is:

(a) Vacuum advance mechanism
(b) Centrifugal advance mechanism
(c) Manual advanced mechanism
(d) None of the above

12. The location of exhaust port and transfer port of a two stroke engine which carries out loop flow scavenging is:

(a) at opposite sides of cylinder
(b) at same side of cylinder
(c) exhaust port located at head
(d) transfer port located at head

13. Helical control groove in FIP is provided in:

(a) Control sleeve
(b) Control Pinion
(c) Plunger
(d) Pump cylinder

14. Decompressor arrangement is provided for:

(a) to circulate refrigerant
(b) to increase volumetric efficiency
(c) release pressure from cylinder for easy cranking
(d) decrease fuel supply

15. For proper fixing into the engine cylinder, the outer surface of which liner need to be accurately finished:

(a) Wet liner
(b) Dry Liner
(c) wet liner and dry liner
(d) None of the above

16. The space between the piston and cylinder wall is called:

(a) piston clearance
(b) end clearance
(c) lip clearance
(d) none of the above

17. The type of combustion chamber which is made as a depression on the top of piston is called:

(a) Pre-combustion chamber
(b) Energy cell
(c) Open combustion chamber
(d) Ante chamber

18. Valve train clearance is known as:

(a) Valve lift
(b) vale overlap
(c) guide clearance
(d) valve lash

19. Which among the following bearings are commonly known as anti-friction bearing?

(a) foot step bearing
(b) journal bearing
(c) collar bearing
(d) ball and roller bearing

20. How many cells are there in a 12V lead acid battery?

(a) 12
(b) 2
(c) 4
(d) 6

21. Which among the following material is used as a solid lubricant?

(a) Calcium Chloride
(b) Calcium Carbonate
(c) Copper Sulphate
(d) Graphite

22. On discharge condition both positive and negative plates of lead acide battery is changed into:

(a) Pb
(b) PbSO4
(c) PbO2
(d) None of the above

23. What is the effect of increase in temperature on specific gravity of electrolyte of lead acid battery?

(a) Specific gravity decreases
(b) Specific gravity increases
(c) First decreases then increases
(d) No Effect

24. What will be the open circuit voltage of a cell of a fully charged battery of lead acid type?

(a) 12.6 V
(b) 3.1 V
(c) 2.1 V
(d) 10 V

25. In an electric circuit the ammeter is connected to:

(a) parallel to the circuit
(b) series to the circuit
(c) either series or parallel
(d) none of the above

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