Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 1

1. In Which Hemisphere India Locates?

2. The latitudinal and longitudinal extend of India is some what equal to

3. The total area of India is estimated to

4. How many K.M. is there from North of India to South?

5. Which is the southern most point of India mainland?

6. Which is the southern most tip of India?

7. Where is the Gulf of Mannar locates?

8. Where is the Gulf of Khambhat locates?

9. The strait that separates India and Sri Lanka.

10. Which is the important latitude that passes through India?

11. Which is the southern most state of Inida?

12. Which is the eastern-most state of India?

13. Which State in India has longest coastline?

14. Which is the eastern-most point of India?

15. Which is the coldest place in India?

16. Which is the highest mountain peak in India?

17. Which is the highest Himalayan peak in India?

18. Which is the largest delta in India?

19. Which is the largest district in India?

20. Which is the largest glacier in India?

21. In which mountain in India the Siachen Glacier locates?

22. Which is the largest physio graphic division of India?

23. Which is the largest state in India?

24. Which is the largest Union Territory of India?

25. Which is the smallest district?

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