Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 9

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 9

1. Which National leader resigned from Viceroy's Executive Council as a protest against Jalian Walabag massacre?

2. In which year was the Vernacular Press Act passed?

3. Which department of Kerala Government celebrated its golden jubilee in 2013?

4. Who is the first woman Chief Information Commissioner of India?

5. Which Prime Minister of India is associated with the 20 Point Programme?

6. Which is the first Metro Station in South India?

7. What is the number of Permanent Members in the UN Security Council?

8. Which Sikh Guru set up the Golden Temple in Amritsar?

9. The Second World War broke out in the year _____?

10. Who will be the Chancellor of a University in the States?

11. Who called Gandhiji as the 'One Man Battalion'?

12. The Aikya Kerala Convention was held at Trichur in 1947 under the Presidentship of _____?

13. Gandhiji held the first Satyagraha in India at Champaran which currently belongs to the state of _____?

14. Who was the author of 'Treatment of Thiyyas in Travancore'?

15. Who established the Hindustan Republican Army?

16. Which period is known as the Age of Moderates in Indian Freedom Struggle?

17. Night blindness is caused by the deficiency of _____?

18. What is known as the pace maker of the heart?

19. Which traditional dance form of Kerala was recognised by UNESCO?

20. Who lead the First War of Independence at Kanpur?

21. During the reign of which King was the Nalanda University established?

22. In which year was the film Raja Harischandra made?

23. What is the name of the digital money for internet based business?

24. In which year was the telegram services stopped in India?

25. Which is the smallesh National Park in Kerala?

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