Kerala PSC Current Affairs Question and Answers - 4

Kerala PSC - Current Affairs Question and Answers 4

1. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has launched the second phase of which mission to achieve full immunisation of children below two years?

2. Sheila Watt-Cloutier, who works for the rights of the Inuit people of the Arctic, has won the 2015 edition of which award?

3. According to the report of the International Cotton Advisory Committee, India has surpassed which country to become No. 1 in the production of cotton?

4. Who was elected President of Board of Control for Cricket in India(BCCI)?

5. International Day of Older Persons was observed on

6. The Arc of Triumph, recently blown up by the Islamic State Militants, was located in which ancient Syrian city?

7. Which country celebrated the 25th year of reunification on 3 October 2015?

8. International Day of Nonviolence was observed on

9. Google was officially converted into which new parent company on 2 October 2015?

10. Where was the Extreme Defence Research Centre established by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) located?

11. Name the tennis players who won the 2015 Wuhan Open Women's Doubles Trophy.

12. World Habitat Day was observed on

13. Jack Dorsey has been appointed CEO of which company?

14. The scientists Youyou Tu (China), Satoshi Omura (Japan) and William Campbell (Ireland) have won 2015 Nobel Prize for which discipline?

15. Which Swedish crime writer, known for the creation of the fictional character, Inspector Kurt Wallander, passed away recently?

16. Who won the 2015 World Cup chess championship held at Baku, Russia?

17. Who won this year's Nobel Prize for Physics?

18. Tomas Lindahl (United Kingdom), Paul Modrich (US) and Aziz Sancar (US) have jointly won the 2015 Nobel Prize in which discipline?

19. Name the eminent writer and daughter of Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit who returned the Sahitya Akademi Award recently.

20. Which country has recently launched its 20th satellite for its satellite navigation system?

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