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Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 22

Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 22

1. The Shimla educational conference was held in:

2. Operaton Black Board was the recommendation of :

3. Name the author of the book, 'India Divided'?

4. The Simon Commission was appointed in:

5. The chamber of princes was formed in:

6. Who founded the Forward Bloc?

7. AITUC was formed in:

8. The Champaran satyagraha was held against system of:

9. Name the local leader of the Kheda satyagraha:

10. Name the founder of the Progressive Writer's Association:

11. The Kanpur conspiracy trial was held in:

12. 'Kranti` was the journal of the:

13. INTUC was formed in:

14. FICCI was formed in:

15. Who appointed Sir Antony Mac Donell Famine commission?

16. The Calcutta Corporation Act was passed in:

17. Name the leader of the Indian Civil Service Agitation:

18. Name the founder of the National Indian Association:

19. The first General Secretary of the Indian National Congress:

20. N. Name the Viceroy of India during the formation of the I.N.C:

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