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Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 23

Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 23

Q. 1. PNG stands for ______.

[1] Potable Name Generator
[2] Portable Network Generator
[3] Printed Name Graphics
[4] Portable Network Graphics
[5] None of these

Q. 2. Volatility is a property of _______.

[1] Computer Networks
[2] Software
[3] Disk
[4] RAM
[5] ROM

Q. 3. When the computer is working on the given instructions, it is called _____.

[1] Output
[2] Processing
[3] Input
[4] Storage
[5] None of these

Q. 4. The set of parallel electrical conducting lines through which different components on the mother board of a PC unit are linked together are called _____.

[1] Conductors
[2] Buses
[3] Slide Master
[4] Consecutives
[5] None of these

Q. 5. Which of the following is/ are features of primary storage?

[1] Volatile Memory
[2] Smaller storage capacity
[3] Higher cost per bit storage
[4] Faster access time
[5] All the above

Q. 6. A (n) ______ program is one that is ready to run and does not need to be altered in any way.

[1] Interpreter
[2] High-level
[3] Compiler
[5] Executable

Q. 7. Which of the following is true about URL?

[1] It is a computer program
[2] It is a type of Programming object
[3] It is the address of a document or page on the World Wide Web
[4] It is an acronym for Unlimited Resources for Listening
[5] It is a piece of hardware

Q. 8. Universal Product Code (UPC) is a ___________.

[1] Scanner
[2] Hardware Equipment
[3] Antivirus
[4] Graphics Adapter
[5] Barcode system

Q. 9. Facsimile Transmission Machine is popularly known as:

[1] ATM
[2] Scanner
[3] Fax Machine
[4] Format Machine
[5] None of these

Q. 10. What is the significance of a faded/ dimmed command in a pull-down menu?

[1] Screen becomes faded/ dimmed if the command is selected
[2] The command is not accessible currently
[3] A dialog box appears if the command is selected.
[4] A help window appears if the command is selected.
[5] None of these

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