1. The idea of written constitution has been copied from:

2. The Indian state where Article 356 of the Constitution was imposed for the first time:

3. A democratic state with hereditary head of state:

4. A country with collective head of state:

5. The words included in the preamble through the 42nd Amendment:

6. The words ‘Unity of the Nation’ in the preamble was substituted by ....... through the 42nd Amendment:

7. In which year preamble was amended?

8. Which amendment amended the preamble?

9. How many words are there in the preamble at present?

10. Who drafted the preamble?

11. The wording of the preamble of India is close to the preamble to the Constitution of :

12. The idea of council of ministers are collectively responsible to the lower house of the Parliament has been copied from:

13. How many times the preamble has been amended?

14. Ministers of the State Legislative Assembly are collectively responsible to the:

15. Name the country other than India to have Fundamental Duties in its Constitution:

16. Name the Union Territories that have Legislative Assembly:

17. President is empowered to declare how many types of emergency?

18. Rule of law has been copied from:

19. The distribution of powers between centre and states has been copied from:

20. The executive powers of the union of India is vested with:

21. The feature of Federal Scheme has been borrowed from:

22. The first in the world history to codify laws:

23. The first law giver of the world:

24. The idea of advisory jurisdiction of Supreme Court has been copied from:

25. The idea of appointment of Governors of States by the centre has been copied from: