Kerala PSC Junior Clerk/Secretary Co-operative Societies Model Questions - 23

1. 'Co-operative Tour' is the publication of: - NAFED
2. Minimum support price is a scheme of: - NCDC
3. Maximum amount that can be transferred through RTGS:- No limit
4. Minimum involvement to the District co-operative Bank is fixed by:- NABARD
5. The Board of Directives of NABARD is appointed by:- Govt. of India
6. The nodel agency at the state level for channelisation of funds from RBI and NABARD:- State Co-operative Banks
7. Soviet Consumer Co-operatives is the publication of:- Centrosoyus
8. Application fees is payable to SIU as per rule:- 148 of KCS Act
9. National automated clearing house is operated by:- NPCI
10. Rupee denominated bonds issued by Indian companies in order to raise funds offshore are called: Masala Bonds
11. What is paper Gold? - SDR
12. ___ is the regulatory agency of Indian Capital Market:- SEBI
13. Section 22 of BR Act deals with: Licensing of Banking companies
14. In 1995, where ICA held General Assembly to adopt co-operative principles: Manchester
15. Maximum number of persons allowed in joint stock company:- Unlimited
16. The Magnacarta of a company is: Memorandum of Association
17. The oldest form of economic system in the world: Capitalist Economy
18. The first commercial Bank start branches outside the country? - Capitalist Economy
19. The first Indian Bank in private sector to Introduce debit card: HDFC bank
20. The finance given to sick industrial unit is called: Revival Finance
21. Speedy Rural development was the main motto? RRB
22. The minimum fee for monitory disputes in Co-operative Tribunal is Rs.: 200
23. Who has the power to remove the names of ineligible members from the preliminary voters list: Electoral Officer
24. If a member acts against the interest of a society he can be expelled by: Special General Body
25. A partnership of Co-operative societies may be constituted by two or more societies may be constituted by two or more societies under sec-1 - 14B
26. Co-operative member education Programme is implemented in the state since:- 1957
27. Qualification of an Auditor is states under Rule:- 64A
28. The results of election shall be announced by: Returning Officer
29. The power of Registrar to remove a committee from office is called: Suppression
30. ___ is given to an employee only after retirement: Gratuity
31. The section and rule which prescribes qualification and disqualification for membership? - Section 16 & Rule 16
32. The decision to conduct election in a co-op. society is taken by: Managing Committee
33. A person against whom a decree has been obtained is called: Defaulter
34. Under KCS Rule 2(f) form means a form set out in:- appendix II
35. The probation period of a co-op employee can be extended up to: 2 years
36. What is the time limit for filing review petition before the tribunal? - within 90 days
37. Which types of disputes are transferred to co-operative Arbitration court for settlement: Non-monetary disputes
38. Invested loans for farming in Kerala is provided by: PCARDB
39. The pattern of Organisation of Consumer Co-operatives in India represents ___ tier structure - Four tier
40. A written agreement between the partners that governs the partnership is called: Partnership deed
41. Partners are collectively known as? Firm
42. The maximum number of persons required to start a partnership firm? 100
43. Earliest Commercial Banks are known as: Agency Houses
44. DICGC came into existence on: July 15, 1978
45. Which is the National Federation of Dairy Co-operatives in India? - NCDFI
46. The biggest departmental store is: Delhi supermarket
47. Who is the chairman of CRAFICARD? - Sivaraman
48. HUDCO was setup in the year: 1970
49. The special type of accounting procedure followed by District wholesale Co-operative store: Double compartment system
50. The highest authority of ICA is: General Assembly

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