1. The largest planet in the solar system:
[a] Jupiter
[b] Saturn
[c] Uranus
[d] Neptune

2. The fifth-largest body in the solar system:
[a] Saturn
[b] Earth
[c] Neptune
[d] Uranus

3. The fifth-largest planet in the solar system:
[a] Earth
[b] Neptune
[c] Venus
[d] Uranus

4. Which planet has the shortest period of rotation?
[a] Mercury
[b] Venus
[c] Jupiter
[d] Mars

5. Jupiter completes one revolution in ____ earth years:
[a] 12
[b] 14
[c] 16
[d] 18

6. In which category of winds does cyclone fall?
[a] Trade winds
[b] Periodic winds
[c] Local winds
[d] Variable Winds

7.‘Western disturbances’ is associated with:
[a] Extremism
[b] Weather
[c] Imperialism
[d] Economy

8. Which indicates clear weather?
[a] Nimbus
[b] Stratus
[c] Cirrus
[d] Cumulus

9. The number of satellites required to cover the entire surface of the earth simultaneously is:
[a] 2
[b] 3
[c] 4
[d] 6

10. The winter monsoon rises from:
[a] The Arabian sea
[b] Bay of Bengal
[c] The Pacific Ocean
[d] The Himalayas

11. Geology is a science dealing with the study of:
[a] Insects
[b] The crust of the earth
[c] The origin of rocks
[d] Birds

12. The study of name of Places:
[a] Toponymy
[b] Geography
[c] Pedology
[d] Psephology

13. The equatorial radius of the earth:
[a] 12754km
[b] 8000km
[c] 6377km
[d] 14895km

14. The main port of United Arab Emirates is:
[a] Abu Dhabi
[b] Dubai
[c] Sharjah
[d] Rasa-al-Khaima

15. Kohoutek is the name of a/an:
[a] Star
[b] Asteroid
[c] Planet
[d] Comet

16. What is the name of Mount Everest in Nepal?
[a] Arganyoma
[b] Sapthasindhu
[c] Sagarmadha
[d] Poorvachal

17. How many districts are there in India according to 2011 census?
[a] 648
[b] 640
[c] 593
[d] 630

18. The first Indian meteorological observatory was set up at which place?
[a] Madras
[b] Mumbai
[c] Calcutta
[d] Delhi

19. Perambadi Ghat gives access to which place?
[a] Tirunelveli
[b] Madurai
[c] Coorg
[d] Nilgiri

20. Chenthuruni wild life sanctuary is a part of which forest>
[a] Konni
[b] Kulathupuzha
[c] Chimmini
[d] Chittar