Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 55

1. Which planet reflects the sun’s light in the largest extent?
[a] Jupiter 
[b] Venus
[c] Uranus 
[d] Neptune

2. Which planet is known as the ‘Earth’s twin’?
[a] Mars 
[b] Jupiter
[c] Mercury
[d] Venus

3. The most shining object in the sky after the Moon:
[a] Sun
[b] Wega
[c] Venus
[d] Jupiter

4. In Venus, the sun rises in the ____
[a] North 
[b] East
[c] West 
[d] South

5. Which planet is known as the ‘Sister planet of the earth’?
[a] Venus
[b] Jupiter
[c] Uranus
[d] Neptune

6. Venus is the goddess of ____ in Roman mythology:
[a] Trade 
[b] Commerce
[c] Sky
[d] Love and Beauty

7. The Greek equivalent of Venus:
[a] Aphrodite 
[b] Helen
[c] Libra 
[d] Obelia

8. Which planet is known as ‘evening star’?
[a] Venus 
[b] Mars
[c] Jupiter 
[d] Mercury

9. The nearest celestial body to Earth?
[a] Venus 
[b] Sun
[c] Moon 
[d] Mars

10. Which is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere of Venus?
[a] Oxygen
[b] Nitrogen
[c] Carbon Dioxide
[d] Methane

11. The only planet with the name of female Roman mythological character:
[a] Earth 
[b] Venus
[c] Jupiter
[d] Neptune

12. The only planet whose English name does not have any connection with Greek and Roman mythology:
[a] Mercury
[b] Earth
[c] Saturn 
[d] Uranus

13. The only planet which takes more time to complete a rotation then a revolution?
[a] Venus 
[b] Mercury
[c] Mars
[d] Jupiter

14. Which country launched Venera-1 to study about Venus?
[a] USA 
[b] Soviet Union
[c] France
[d] China

15. Which is in Venus?
[a] Great Red Spot 
[b] Great Dark Spot
[c] Lakshmi Planum 
[d] Olympus Mons

16. Which is the largest among the inner planets?
[a] Mercury 
[b] Venus
[c] Earth
[d] Mars

17. Earth is also known as:
[a] Helios
[b] Sol
[c] Ferra
[d] Terra

18. Which planet has the highest density?
[a] Saturn
[b] Jupiter
[c] Earth
[d] Mercury

19. Which planet has the lowest density?
[a] Earth 
[b] Saturn
[c] Jupiter 
[d] Mars

20. Earth is called:
[a] Yellow planet 
[b] Red Planet
[c] Green Planet 
[d] Blue Planet

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