811. The chief guest _____ the prizes to the winner.
[a] gave up
[b] gave away
[c] gave out
[d] gave in

812. ____  attention to what I am saying.
[b] Pay
[c] Bring
[d] None of these

813. ____ is he up to?
[a] who 
[b] how 
[c] which   
[d] what

814. Changing one’s mind too quickly.
[a] Adaptability
[b] Instability
[c] Versatility
[d] Vacillation

815. Complete the proverb : _____a day keeps the doctor away
[a] An orange
[b] An apple
[c] A banana
[d] A pineapple

816. The use of more words than are required to express an idea:
[a] Pleonasm
[b] Verbatim
[c] Ventriloquism 
[d] Circumlocution

817. Which part of the sentence has an error?
[a] He will certainly help you/
[b] if you will ask him/
[c] in a pleasant manner.
[d] No error

818. Christ _____ his crucifiers. (Use the correct form of ‘FORGIVE’):
[a] forgive
[b] was forgiven
[c] forgave
[d]  was forgiving

819. Complete the proverb: chain is only as strong as its ______.
[a] strongest link
[b] weakest link
[c] manufacturer
[d] blacksmith

820.Even in today’s modern society, people ____ God to bring rains (Choose the most appropriate word to fill the blanks):
[a] Appeal
[b] Propitiate
[c] Provoke
[d] Evoke

821.Find the  correctly spelt word:
[a] Hammer
[b] Hammar
[c] Hamar
[d] Hamer

822. Government by priests:
[a] Oligarchy
[b] Stratocracy
[c] Plutocracy
[d] Theocracy

823.The exercise was written by me ____  a Parker pen.
[a] in
[b] by
[c] with
[d]  for

824.Everyday last week my sister ____ a plate.
[a] was breaking
[b] breaks
[c] broke
[d] will be broken

825.They protested ——— the new tax .
[a] against
[b] from
[c] in
[d] for

826.We waited one and a half ___ .
[a] hour
[b] hours
[c] houred
[d] hourly

827. Government by women
[a] Gynarchy
[b] Diarchy
[c] Monarchy
[d] Nepotism

828.Which part of the sentence has an error?
[a] She called /
[b] him /
[c] as a fool.
[d] no error

829. Find out the synonym of ‘Acute’:
[a] Slight
[b] Sharp
[c] Subtle
[d] Illness

830. I don’t interfere ___ my students in such matters .
[a] with
[b] for
[c] at
[d] of