791. Sole right to make and sell some invention.
[a] Potent
[b] Credential
[c] Ex-gratia
[d] Patent

792. They cried _____ for help.
[a] frantically
[b] agony
[c] despite
[d] reluctant

793. When only ten Beethovan went ____ a tour _____ the Netherlands _____ his mother.
[a] on, to,with
[b] with, on, to
[c] to, with, on
[d] on, with, to

794. We have just interviewed an applicant _____ the committee believes is the best qualified for the position.  No one but _____ ever made a perfect score on the test also.
[a] who,she
[b] whom,her
[c]  who,her
[d] whom,she

795. ‘A pipe dream’ means:
[a] A bad dream
[b] An impracticable plan
[c] A foolish idea 
[d] A pleasant dream

796. ‘Autonomous’ means:
[a] Impulsive   
[b] Incognito
[c] Self-governing
[d]  Authoritative

797. Find the correctly spelt word:
[a] Milage
[b] Milleage
[c] Mileage
[d] Milague

798. ‘Lapidary’ means:
[a] Small dog
[b] Cutter of precious stones
[c] Eskimo fur scraper
[d] Jeweler’s Knife

799. The antonym of ‘VINDICATE’:
[a] Excuse
[b] Condemn
[c] Imprison
[d] Defend

800. The passive voice of : Rajesh will show a magic
[a] Rajesh will be shown a magic
[b] A magic would be shown by Rajesh
[c] A magic will be shown by Rajesh
[d] A magic is shown by Rajesh

801. Measure yourself  _____ your equals.
[a] against
[b] on
[c] at
[d] in

802. Which sentence is grammatically correct?
[a] He resigned from his post
[b] They have come in the morning
[c] He did nothing else than weep
[d] Your friends will come, won’t they?

803. ‘Harp on’ means:
[a] To comment
[b] To criticise
[c] To keep insulting
[d] To keep on talking

804. A house for storing grains:
[a] Store
[b] Cellar
[c] Granary
[d] Godown

805. A place or condition of ideal happiness:
[a] Asylum
[b] El Dorado
[c] Elysium
[d] Dystopia

806. The past participle of ‘Shave’:
[a] Shave
[b] Shove
[c] Shaved
[d] Shaven

807. The students of last bench complained that they could not _____ what the teacher was saying.
[a] make up
[b] make out
[c] make up for
[d] make after

808. The meaning of ‘OBLITERATE’:
[a] Bitterness
[b] Centre of attraction
[c] Destroy completely
[d] Belated

809. Which sentence is grammatically correct?
[a] The two girls loved one another
[b] I and my wife will do the job
[c] The climate of Mumbai is better than Chennai
[d] The Dinner will be held at the Taj Hotel

810. ‘To play the second fiddle’ means:
[a] To be in a less important position than someone
[b] To get remarried
[c] Repeat the same action
[d] To become famous