Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 49

771. Choose the word having the meaning‘Thoroughly wet with’:
[a] bathed
[b] dipped
[c] washed
[d] soaked

772. Everyday I walk to school, but today I _____ by bus.
[a] am going
[b] go
[c] went
[d] going

773. Find the correcly spelt word:
[a] Medievel
[b] Medeival
[c] Midieval
[d] Medieval

774. Find the correctly spelt word:
[a] Catagory
[b] Categary
[c] Category
[d] Catagary

775. He can play ____ Sitar.
[a] the
[b] a
[c] an
[d] None of these

776. Language difficult to understand because of bad form:
[a] Jargon
[b] Rhetoric
[c] Verbose
[d] Pedantic

777. Look me ___ when you are in India next year.
[a] down
[b] up
[c] in
[d] over

778. Complete the proverb:Those who live in _____ shouldn't throw stones
[a] palaces
[b] glass houses
[c] huts
[d] upstairs

779. Do not confide your secrets _____ everyone.
[a] with
[b] at
[c] for
[d] to

780. Find out the correct form of the word from the alternatives:
[a] Compere
[b] Compire
[c] Compari
[d] Comperi

781. The meaning of ‘PUDDLE’:
[a] Fight
[b] A small pool of water
[c] Freedom from war
[d]  First meal of the day

782. The meaning of ‘TORPID’:
[a] Warlike
[b] Gushing
[c] Argumentative
[d] Sluggish

783. The opposite of the word ‘DISSENT’:
[a] Consent
[b] Ascend
[c] Assent
[d]  Approve

784. The Romans _____ the early Christians.
[a] prosecuted
[b] persecuted
[c] prescribed
[d] infested

785. Give one word for: Sad being away from home.
[a] Homesick
[b] Melancholy
[c] Ennui
[d] Sedation

786. He _____ asleep while he was driving.
[a] falls
[b] fell
[c] has fallen
[d] has been fallen

787. Of unknown and unadmitted authorship:
[a] Unanimous
[b] Invincible
[c] Posthumous
[d] Anonymous

788. Procastinator is to time as extravagent is to:
[a] Spending
[b] Wealth
[c] Stringiness
[d] Money

789. Samuel retired _____ service last year.
[a] to
[b] since
[c] for
[d] from

790. Try to establish world peace is only _____.
[a] A fair play
[b] An oily tongue
[c] A wet blanket
[d] A wild goose chase

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