731. Choose the word which is a feminine gender:
[a] Actor
[b] Hero
[c] Niece
[d] Milkman

732. Choose the word which is nearest in meaning to the key word ‘NADIR’:
[a] Difficult obstacle
[b] Lowest point
[c] Anniversary
[d] Largest number

733. Which is opposite in meaning to ‘Fidelity’?
[a] Disloyalty
[b] Diligent
[c] Sincerity
[d] Freud

734. ‘Red-letter day’ means:
[a] Holiday
[b] A special day
[c] A day on which accident happened
[d] Independence day

735. In which part of the sentence is the mistake?
[a] Everyone/
[b] of my friends/
[c] own/
[d] a car

736. Write the synonym of the word ‘Benign’:
[a] Proudly
[b] Kindly
[c] Sadly
[d]  Strongly

737. ‘Barring’ means:
[a] Excepting
[b] Allowing
[c] Considering
[d] Yielding

738. ‘To drive home’  means:
[a] To emphasise
[b] Back to original position
[c] To return to place of rest
[d] To find one's roots

739. In the sentence ‘I have seldom seen such large crowds’-the word ‘seldom’ means:
[a] often
[b] sometimes
[c] rarely
[d]  frequently

740. What is the passive voice form of: This shop sells non-fiction books.
[a] Non-fiction books is sold in this shop
[b] Non-fiction books was sold in this shop
[c] Non-fiction books are sold in this shop
[d]  Non-fiction books were sold in this shop

741. Science of heredity:
[a] Hereditary
[b] Genetics
[c] Genesis
[d] Inheritance

742. She _____ well.
[a] speak
[b] speaking
[c] to speak
[d] speaks

743. Suffering is the inevitable consequence of bad deeds (Choose the word from those given which has the same meaning as the word given in italics).
[a] Unavoidable
[b] Unnecessary
[c] Unkind
[d]  Impossible

744. The teacher asked him whether he _____ give him the correct answer.
[a] will
[b] could
[c] can
[d] had

745. In which part of the sentence is the mistake?
[a] He       
[b] has delivered
[c] a best speech
[d] on the topic

746. ‘Nom de plume’ means:
[a] With equal pace
[b] On the way
[c]  Without any definite date
[d] Pen name

747. A commonplace remark.
[a] Dialogue
[b] Epigram
[c] Prologue
[d] Platitude

748. A person who considers himself superior to others in culture and intellect:
[a] Fastidious
[b] Highbrow
[c] Pragmatist
[d] Pedant

749. A poem written on the death of someone loved and lost.
[a] Elegy
[b] Ode
[c] Sonnet
[d] Epic

750. Spare the _____ and spoil the child.
[a] road
[b] rhod
[c] rode
[d] rod