1. The sun ____ when I got up.
[a] rose
[b] had risen
[c] is rising
[d] would risen

2. This is the car ____ my brother bought last week.
[a] what 
[b] whom
[c] if
[d] which

3. We should help ___ poor.
[a] a
[b] this
[c] the
[d] an

4. What time ____?
[a] is it
[b] it is
[c] is now
[d] now

5. Which is the sentence similar in meaning to “The Ganges is the holiest river in India’?
[a] No other river in India is as holy as the Ganges.
[b] The Ganges is a holy river
[c] The Ganges is the holier river
[d] The Ganges is holier than many rivers

6. Which of the following is wrongly spelt?
[a] Reciept
[b] Neurology
[c] Pneumonia
[d] Lieutenant

7. Even though it was hard at first , I came ____ the work in the factory.
[a] to enjoy
[b] enjoyed
[c] enjoying
[d] enjoys

8. How ____ they beat an innocent child:
[a] should 
[b] may 
[c] might
[d] dare

9. The patient is sinking. There is ____ a doctor can do to help him.
[a] little
[b] a little
[c] much
[d] enough

10. To make one feel less tired:
[a] Retire
[b] Exhaust
[c] Suffer
[d] Refresh

11. We thought that she _____ the job.
[a] gets
[b] is getting
[c] would get
[d] will get

12. He tried to avoid ____ my question.
[a] to answer
[b] answering
[c] to be answered
[d] None of these

13. Select the word opposite in meaning to ‘AUDACITY’?
[a] Quivering
[b] Cowardice
[c] Bravado
[d] Conciseness

14. He became the Governor of a province _____
[a] at times
[b] little by little
[c] by and large
[d] in the course of time

15. Which word is correctly spelt?
[a] Deceptive
[b] Deseptive
[c] Dezeptive
[d] Diseptive

16. I don’t have enough money to pay ___ the bill.
[a] at
[b] for
[c] with
[d] No preposition needed

17. He ____ to find a job, but he had no luck.
[a] tried hard
[b] tried hardly
[c] hardly tried
[d] None of these

18. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘GENIAL’:
[a] Cordial
[b] Unselfish
[c] Careful
[d] Specific

19. The police fired at random at the violent crowd and several persons lost their lives (Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the underlined phrase/idiom):
[a] Intentionally
[b] Unwillingly
[c] Aimlessly
[d] Pointedly

20. There are many ____ in our society.
[a] costs
[b] casts
[c] castes
[d] costal

21. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a _____.
[a] single step
[b] leap step
[c] firm step
[d] slow step

22. Habitually silent or talking little:
[a] Synoptic
[b] Unequivocal
[c] Taciturn
[d]  Servile

23. I paid a bus ____ of twenty rupees to reach the central park.
[a] fair
[b] feir
[c] fere
[d] fare

24. ‘To catch a tartar’ means:
[a] To deal with a person who is more than one’s match
[b] To meet with disaster
[c] To catch a dangerous person
[d]  To trap wanted criminal with great difficulty

25. Which means ‘doing something that could lead to a negative or dangerous result’?
[a] Play with fire
[b] Hit below the belt
[c] Between devil and deep sea 
[d] Nodded off

26. This tank _____ contain 500 litres of water.
[a] has
[b] can
[c] could
[d] will

27. It was _____ that made the football fan attack the policeman.
[a] Dutch courage
[b] in high spirits
[c] French leave
[d] None of these

28. Choose the correct form:
[a] Disappearanse
[b] Disappeerance
[c] Disappearence
[d] Disappearance

29. This is the _____ for a new school.
[a] site
[b] cite
[c] Sight
[d] sitte

30. _____ rose is a _____ beautiful flower.
[a] A, a
[b] The, a
[c] The, the
[d] A, the