621. ____ enough food for all?
[a] Are there
[b] Is there
[c] Where there
[d] Were there

622. Choose the correct sentence:
[a] He came back yesterday
[b] He has come back yesterday
[c] He is coming back yesterday
[d] He comes back yesterday

623. Monkeys enjoy ____ on the branches of tree.
[a] swings
[b] swinging
[c] swing
[d] Swung

624. Rumours ____ very fast.
[a] spread
[b] spred
[c] widespread
[d] spreads

625. She bought a present for her mother.  The direct object in this sentence is:
[a] She
[b] Her mother
[c] bought
[d] a present

626. Sheela swam ____ the river.
[a] on top of
[b] beneath
[c] across
[d] over

627. Ten kilograms of rice ____ over two hundred rupees.
[a] costs
[b] coast
[c] coasts
[d] cost

628. The snake crept into a ____
[a] whole
[b] holl
[c] howl
[d] hole

629. The synonym of ‘frugal’:
[a] Strong
[b] Stingy
[c] Tranquil
[d] Extravagant

630. The word ‘anticipate’ means:
[a] Accompany
[b] Satisfy
[c] Foresee
[d] Divide

631. Carcass means:
[a] An animal 
[b] Dead body of an animal
[c] A bird   
[d] A reptile

632. Everyone knows that she is very intelligent…is a :
[a] Compound sentence
[b] Simple sentence
[c] Complex sentence
[d] Compound complex sentence

633. He ____ to climb the coconut tree.
[a] tryed 
[b] tired 
[c] tried 
[d] try

634. I cannot bear people ____ are always complaining about this or that:
[a] whom
[b] who
[c] that
[d] which

635. If I were a bird I ____ fly.
[a] will     
[b] would 
[c] may   
[d]  can

636. Opposite of the word ‘Perilous’:
[a] Safe
[b] Natural
[c] Contributory
[d] Precarious

637. She was surprised by his amiability (Choose the word which is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word):
[a] Prudence
[b] Petulance
[c] Pessimistic
[d] Sincerety

638. The antonym of ‘honest’ is:
[a] Unhonest
[b] Dishonest
[c] Nonhonest
[d] Mishonest

639. The weather is ____ hot.
[a] quite 
[b] quiet 
[c] qiuet 
[d]  queit

640. The workers ____ it since yesterday morning.
[a] have been doing
[b] did
[c] are doing
[d]  have done

651. Unless you hurry, you ____ late.
[a] would have been
[b] will be
[c] would be
[d] can be

652. Which is the correctly spelt word?
[a] Posession
[b] Possession
[c] Possesion
[d] Posesion

653. Which of the following words correctly spelt?
[a] Elvation
[b] Elevation
[c] Elavation
[d] Elevetion

654. Which word is wrongly spelt?
[a] Bourgeois
[b] Assasination
[c] Mandate
[d] Commissioner

655. He failed ____ his best efforts.
[a] in addition to
[b] owing to
[c] in spite of
[d] not mentioning

656. In which part of the sentence is the mistake? Mumbai is
[a] /one of the most
[b] /densely populated
[c] /place in India
[d] none of these

657. She ____ wearing a blue saree yesterday.
[a] has been
[b] had been
[c] is
[d] was

658. She is bent ___ mischief.
[a] for
[b] in
[c] on
[d] with

659. The ____ window was repaired:
[a] breaking
[b] broken
[c] broke
[d] breaken

660. The opposite of ‘Sharp’:
[a] Blunt
[b] Weak
[c] Powerful
[d] Strong