581. They are not ____ all the facts.
[a] beware of
[b] aware for
[c] aware of
[d] beware for

582. What ____ you ____ when I knocked at the door
[a] were, doing
[b] have, done
[c] had, done
[d] will, do

583. I shall come ____  Easter.|
[a] for 
[b] at 
[c] on
[d] during

584. I will find you ____ you may be hiding.
[a] what
[b] wherever
[c] in which
[d] whichever

585. Rabia could not ____ her fear of spiders.
[a] put off
[b] put in
[c] put up
[d] put away

586. The ____ of the ass is not sweet at all.
[a] roaring
[b] screeching
[c] braying
[d] howling

587. The family had lived ____ for several years:
[a] abroad
[b] in abroad
[c] in the abroad
[d] on the abroad

588. The pride of the ____ is the glory of God.
[a] Cat 
[b] Peacock
[c] Rat
[d] Dandy

589. The word which is more or less similar in meaning to ‘FOREFEITURE’ is:
[a] Cinema
[b] Loss
[c] Cancellation
[d] Defeat

590. The wrongly spelt word is :
[a] Glazier
[b] Glazed
[c] Glacial
[d] Geology

591. A manhunt may be also for a ____
[a] cat
[b] woman
[c] stolen car
[d] ghost

592. He ____ in the middle of the speech:
[a] put on
[b] set out
[c] ran down
[d] broke out

593. I want to avoid ____ him.
[a] to meet
[b] from meeting
[c] meeting     
[d] meets

594. I will catch the man who hurt you ____ may be the price.
[a] however
[b] whenever
[c] whatever
[d] whichever

595. I’m afraid that the soup is ____ cold.
[a] fairly 
[b] more
[c] most
[d] rather

596. The correctly spelt word is:
[a] Crusifixion
[b] Crucifixion
[c] Crucifiction
[d] Crusification

597. The Indian cricket team was in a tight spot, but their bowlers ____ to the occasion.
[a] rose up
[b] rising
[c] descended
[d] lived

598. The opposite of ‘Artless’:
[a] Embroidered
[b] Crafty
[c] Circumlocuted
[d] Plain

599. The opposite of the word ‘chaos’:
[a] Order
[b] Conceit
[c] Miracle
[d] Caution

600. The synonym of ‘Salute’ is:
[a] Pollute
[b] Dilate
[c] Greet
[d] March