1. The initiative of the US government which is considered as the early form of internet:

2. World Computer Security Day:
[a] October 30
[b] November 30
[c] December 30
[d] January 30

3. This is the exclusive right granted by statute to the author of the works to reproduce dramatic, artistic, literary or musical work or to authorize its reproduction by others:
[a] Patent
[b] Copy Right
[c]Trade Mark
[d] None of the above

4. Feeling guilty or defensive about our internet use is a symptom of ________.
[a] Cyber addiction
[b] Net Gaming
[c] Online-Chatting
[d] Cyber crime

5._______  are a bundle of exclusive rights over creations of the mind, both artistic and commercial:
[a] Intellectual property rights
[b] Copyright
[c] Patent
[d] Trademark

6. Digital images are entered into the computer using ____
[a] Keyboard
[b] Speaker
[c] Scanner
[d] Digital Camera

7.Spell check is the under ___ menu.
[a] Tool
[b] Format
[c] Edit
[d] View

8.Hotmail was created by:
[a] Bill Gates
[b] Sabir Bhatia
[c] Berners Lee
[d] Richard Stallman

9. Which one of the following is not an internet browser?
[a] Mozilla
[b] Internet explorer
[c] Windows Explorer
[d] Netscape Navigator

10. The domain name for government organisations is:
[a] .gov
[b] .govnt
[c] .com
[d] .org

11. Which one of the following is not an input device?
[a] Mouse
[b] Keyboard
[c] Barcode reader
[d] Monitor

12. The full form of U.P.S.
[a] Uniform Power Supply
[b] Uninterrupted Power Supply
[c] Universal Power Supply
[d] Unidirectional Power Supply

13. The domain name for government institutions:
[a] org 
[b] gov
[c] com
[d] firm

14. Which device is used to display graphics and information on video screen?
[a] CPU 
[b] Modem 
[c] Scanner 
[d] Monitor

15. The programs or instructions that tells  the computer what to do:
[a] Software
[b] Hardware
[c] Virus
[d] mailmerge