1. Which country is the largest producer of Bauxite?

2. Which instrument is used for recording earthquake waves?

3. In which country is 'Takla Makan' desert situated?

4. In which continent is the largest reserves of fresh water on the Earth's surface?

5. Which is the highest lake above the sea level in the world?

6. Which Strait separates Asia from North America?

7. Which continent has the highest density of population?

8. What is the administrative capital of South Africa?

9. Which is the smallest country in South America?

10. Which is the highest coal-producing country in the world?

11. Which is the first National Park established in India

12. Which Indian state has the largest net irrigated area?

13. Which Indian state is the largest producer of Natural rubber?

14. Which east flowing river of India forms rift valley due to down warping?

15. Which State of India, has the oldest rock formations in the country?

16. The latitudes that pass through Sikkim also pass through which state?

17. Which Indian state receie the highest rainfall during winter months?

18. Which country has the longest international boundary with India?

19. Mac Mohan Line demarcates the boundary between which countries?

20. Which country is commonly known as 'The Land of Golden Fleece'?