1. The smallest neighbouring country of India:
[a] Bhutan
[b]  Maldives
[c]  Nepal
[d]  Bangladesh

2. Yamuna originates from Yamunotri in the state of:
[a]  Himachal Pradesh
[b]  Jammu Kashmir
[c]  Uttarakhand
[d]  Uttar Pradesh

3. The Oldest rocks in India:
[a]  Himalayas
[b]  Aravallis
[c]  Karakoram
[d]  Shiwalik

4. The district in Jammu and Kashmir 37,555 sq.km of which is under illegal occupation by China.
[a]  Kargil
[b]  Poonch
[c]  Ladakh
[d]  Anantnag

5. Ahmedabad is on the banks of:
[a]  Ganga
[b]  Sabarmati
[c]  Yamuna
[d]  Indus

6. The setting for Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’:
[a]  Manas National Park
[b]  Shivpuri National Park
[c]  Corbet National Park
[d]  Kanha National Park

7. The hot dry wind that blows in north India during summer is:
[a]  Fohn
[b]  Chinook
[c]  Loo
[d]  Westerlies

8. Which of the following states has a common border with Pakistan?
[a]  J&K, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat
[b]  J&K, Rajasthan, U.P., Gujarat
[c]  J&K, Punjab, H.P., Haryana
[d]  H.P., Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat

9. Karnataka is the largest producer of:
[a] Tea
[b]  Coffee
[c]  Jute
[d]  Tapioca

10. Keoladeo National Park is in the state of:
[a] Gujarat
[b]  Rajasthan
[c]  Orissa
[d]  Madhya Pradesh

11. Koyna is a tributary of the river:
[a] Narmada
[b]  Krishna
[c]  Kaveri
[d]  Mahanadi

12. The only south-east Asian country that shares a border with India:
[a] Bangladesh
[b]  Nepal
[c]  Myanmar
[d]  Srilanka

13. The state in India with the largest percentage of rural population:
[a]  Kerala 
[b]  Himachal Pradesh
[c]  Uttar Pradesh
[d]  Punjab

14. The largest river basin in India:
[a] Ganga
[b]  Indus
[c]  Brahmaputra
[d]  Kaveri

15. Which state is known as the Heart of India?
[a] Uttar Pradesh
[b]  Rajasthan
[c]  Madhya Pradesh
[d]  Jharkhand

16. On which river is the Bhakra Nangal project built?
[a]  Kosi
[b]  Beas
[c]  Jhelum
[d]  Sutlej

17. Which state is called as the ‘Tea garden of India’?
[a] Karnataka
[b]  Andhra Pradesh
[c]  Assam
[d]  West Bengal

18. Nagarjuna Sagar dam is in the river:
[a]  Narmada
[b]  Godavari
[c]  Tapti
[d]  Krishna

19. The highest peak of western ghats or Sahyadri is Anaimudi.  It is in:
[a]  Kerala
[b]  Tamil Nadu
[c]  Karnataka
[d]  Andhra Pradesh

20. Gulmarg is a hill station in the state of:
[a]  Uttar Pradesh
[b]  Jammu Kashmir
[c]  Uttarakhand
[d]  Rajasthan