1. Name the chess playing computer developed by IBM that defeated World Champion Garry Kasparov.
[a] Blue Whale
[b] Red Rose
[c] Deep Blue
[d] Apple

2. The first microprocessor built by the intel corporation.
[a] 8008
[b] 8080
[c] 8085
[d] 4004

3. The main disadvantage of ICs are:
[a] Less efficient than transistaors
[b] Large in size
[c] Inductor cannot be fabricated
[d] Replacement is difficult

4. Who was the fatehr of Punched Card Processing?
[a] J Prespar Eckert
[b] Charles Babbage
[c] Dr Herman Holerith
[d] Blaise Pascal

5. White Pacific is known as:
[a] Mini Computer
[b] Super Computer
[c] Lap Top
[d] None of these

6. Which of the technology is mostly used in banking industry?
[a] Bar code reader
[b] OCR
[c] OMR
[d] MICR

7. Malayalam typewriter keys are designed by:
[a] R Arulappan
[b] NS Pandala
[c] TR Krishnayyar
[d] TK Ramakrishnan

8.  A ___ transfeorm printed material and photographs into digital representation.
[a] VDU
[b] Keyboard
[c] Mouse
[d] Scanner

9. The digital security system that uses some unique characteristics of human body biology to identify authrosed users:
[a] Biometrics
[b] PIN Number
[c] Encryption
[d] Password

10. The percentage of time that a computer system is not available for use is :
[a] Down time
[b] Seek time
[c] Delay time
[d] Access time

11. Which technology is used in compact disks?
[a] Mechanical
[b] Electrical
[c] Magnetic
[d] Laser

12. ___ type of connection lets a computer communicate with control and record electric musical instruments.
[a] DIMI
[b] MIDI
[c] DIIM
[d] MDII

13. Raster images are also known as:
[a] Bitmap images
[b] Vector Images
[c] Both of the above
[d] None of the above

14. Which imput device cannot be used to works in MS-Office
[a] Keybaord
[b] Lightpen
[c] Mouse
[d] Joy stick

15. ___ unit provides the communication from man to machine.
[a] Input unit
[b] Memory unit
[c] ALU
[d] Control Uni

16. The size of a monitor is its:
[a] Horizontal length
[b] Vertical length
[c] Diagonal length
[d] Horizontal length x Vertical length

17. Von Neumann architecture is:
[a] SISD
[b] SIMD
[c] MIMD
[d] MISD

18. The data transfer rate of a 48x CD Rom is :
[a] 7200 KB/Sec
[b] 7200 MB/Sec
[c] 720 KB/Sec
[d] 720 MB/Sec

19. The time required for fetching and execution of one simple machine instruction is:
[a] Delay time
[b] CPU cycle
[c] Real Time
[d] Seek time

20. In MS word 2007 Maximum Zoom is ___ percentage.
[a] 100
[b] 300
[c] 200
[d] 500

21. EPROM is erased by using:
[a] Ultra Violet rays
[b] 24V electric pulse
[c] 12V electric pulse
[d] Infrared rays

22. In a Microprocessor the register that keeps the result of arithmetic or logic operation is:
[a] Program counter
[b] Flag register
[c] Accumulator
[d] Stack register

23. Each record in a Magnetic tape are separated by blank space called:
[a] IBG
[b] IRG
[c] FAT
[d] DAT

24. The blue-ray disc is developed by:
[a] Hitachi
[b] LG
[c] Samsung
[d] All

25. The process of shuffling the memory contents so as to place all free memory together is one large block is called:
[a] Segmentation
[b] Paging
[c] Fragmentation
[d] Compaction