251. Who is the author of 'Parappuram' -, the first political novel in Malayalam? - K Narayana Kurukkal
Shadkala Govinda Marar 252. Name the place which was known as Rippolin in European documents? - Edappally
253. Name the musician of Kerala, who could sing in all the six beating times? - Shadkala Govinda Marar
254. Who described the Travancore Temple Entry Proclamation 1936 as the most non-violent and bloodless revolution of modern times? - C Rajagopalachari
255. What is the name of the first Police Museum in India which is situated in Kollam district_ - Sardar Vallabh bai Patel Police Museum
256. Name the first Malayalee who won the 'Dhronacharya Award'? - OM Nambiar
257. In which agitation the slogan 'Thiruvathamkoor Thiruvathamkoorukaarkku' was raised? - Malayali Memorial
258. In which year Kurichiya rebellion took place? - 1812
259. Who started the publication 'Velakkaran'? - Sahodaran Ayyappan
260. Name the Communist leader who wrote 'Immortal Punnapra Vayalar'? - KC George
261. 'Thulaseevanam' is whose pen name? - R Ramachandran Nair
262. Name the Malayali freedom fighter who founded Madurai Gandhigram Rural Institute? - G Ramachandran
263. The kingdom which was known as Chempakasseri is in which district now? - Alappuzha
264. Kudamattom is the main item of which festival? - Thrissur Pooram
265. Kanjirampuzha from where relics of the Stone Age were found belongs to which district? - Palakkad
Pala Narayanan Nair 266. Name the person who contested against KR Narayanan in the presidential election? - TN Sheshan
267. Who won the first 'Vallathol Puraskaram'? - Pala Narayanan Nair
268. During the period of Marthanda Varma, who conducted Kandezhuth in Travnacore? - Mallan Sankaran
269. Name the first Malayali who was appointed Indian High Commissioner to Britain? - VK Krishna Menon
Pothan Joseph 270. Which is the first realistic film in Malayalam? - Newspaper Boy (Director P Ramadas)
271. Name the noted Malayali journalist who wrote the famous column 'Over a Cup of Tea' for 50 years? - Pothan Joseph
272. Who is known as 'Kerala Thulasidasan'? Vennikulam Gopalakurup
273. Who wrote the book 'CP Ramachandran- Dialogues, Memories and Essays'? - Paghunathan Parali
274. Which was the Assembly constituency the first chief minister EMS Namboodiripad represented? Neeleswaram
275. Perunna in Changanacherry is the headquarters of which community organisation - Nair Service Society
276. Which city is known as the city of sculptures? - Kozhikode
277. Who was the first chief minister of Travancore Kochi state? - Paravoor TK Narayana Pillai
278. Where was the first headquarters of Kerala Sahitya Akademi? - Thiruvananthapuram
279. In which year Kerala Sasthra Sahitya Parishath was founded? - 1962
280. Name the first Communist candidate who was a Malayali won in an Assembly election? - K Anandan Nambiar (Madras Assembly)
281. Which is the first university in Kerala named after an individual - Mahatma Gandhi University
282. Which is the first university in Kerala named after a Keralite? - Kalady Sree Sankaracharya University
283. Which is the university in Kerala known in the name of a city? - University of Calicut
284. What was the earlier name of Mahatma Gandhi University? - Gandhiji University
285. On which date Postal Index Number (PIN) Code system was introduced in Kerala? - 15 Aug 1972
286. Name the first Malayali who won the Padma Bhushan title - Vallathol Narayana Menon
Jothi Venkatachalam 287. Which poet died of tuberculosis? - Changampuzha Krishna Pillai
288. Name the first woman who became the Chancellor of Universities in Kerala? - Jothi Venkatachalam
289. In Which city Kerala's first speed Post Centre opened? - Kochi
290. Which Malayalam Film won the fist Kerala State Film Award instituted in 1969? - Kumara Sambhavam (Director P Subramaniam)
291. Which dynasty's coronation ceremony was known as 'Ariyittuvazcha'? - Samoothiri
292. Who wrote the drama 'Ibilisukalude Nattil'? - NP Chellappan Nair
293. Which is the union territory that comes under the jurisdiction of Kerala High Court? - Lakshawdeep
294. Name the first European who reached India by sea? - Vasco da Gama
295. Name the union territory that is situated between Kozhikode and Kannur districts along the Arabian Sea? - Mahe
296. Who penned the poem 'Kochu Thomman'?- NV Krishna Warrier
Shaji N Karun 297. Name the first Satyagraha in Kerala, which was held to eradicate untouchability? - Vaikom Satyagraha (1924-1925)
298. What was the symbol of Aay Kings? - Elephant
299. Who is the director of the film 'Piravi'? -  Shaji N Karun
300. Who wrote the screenplay of Chemmeen? - SL Puram Sadanandan