Kerala PSC GK | Facts About India - 05

201. Which was the debut film of KJ Yeshdas? - Kaalppadukal
202. What is the name of the novel that Vinu Abraham wrote based on the life of PK Rosy, the first heroine of Malayalam cinema? - Nashtanayika
203. Name the first foreign traveller who wrote about Kochi? - Ma Huan
204. Which is the film that Lenin Rajendran directed based on the Kayyoor uprising? - Meena Maasathile Sooryan
205. In which year Sakthan Tahampuran died? - 1805
206. Punaloor suspension bridge is constructed across which river? - Kallada River
207. What is the full name of SM Street which is also known as Mittai Theruvu? - Sweetmeat Street
208. Name the first Malayalee athlete who won the Arjuna Award? - C Balakrishnan (1965)
209. Where was located the Ammachi Plavu in which Marthanda Varma hide to escape from enemies? - Neyyattinkara
210. Name the only Malayalam poet who was nominated to Rajya Sabha? - G Sankara Kurup
211. Name the Marathi writer who wrote the noval 'Raja Ravi Varma'? - Ranjit Desai
212. Name the woman Malayalam writer who committed suicide in 1965? - Rajalakshmi
213. Name the first Malayali woman who became a union minister? - Lakshmi N Menon
214. Whose autobiography is 'Ethirpu'?- P Kesavadev
215. Name the book that Arnose Pathiri wrote odeled after Njanappana? - Puthen Pana
216. Who directed the film 'Agraharathil Kazhuthai'? - John Abraham
217. Who scored music for Vayalar Ramavarma's lyrics in the film 'Chemmeen'? - Salil Chowdhury
218. The theatre troupe 'Thiruvanrangu' is associated with whom? - Kavalam Narayana Panicker
219. Who is the creator of the cartoon serial 'Ithiri nerampookku, Ithiri darsanam'? - OV VIjayan
220. What was the title of the cartoon serial of the noted film director G Aravindan? - Cheriyamanushyarum Valiyalokavum
221. Which Malayalam drama is first adapted to a film?- Sthree (Thikurussi)
222. Which is the first women publication in Malayalam>? - Keraleeya Suguna Bhodhini
223. Which ruler is known as Kerala Asoka? - Vikaramaditya Varaguna (Aay Dynasty)
224. Who is the author of the book 'Kokila Sandesam'? - Uddanda Sastrikal
225. In which year Yoga Kshema Sabha was founded? - 1908
226. Name the poet who was contemporary of both Marthandavara and Dharmaraja? - Kunjan Nambiar
227. Who is the author of the book 'Kadal Ottakku Kshanichappol'? - Abhilash Tomy
228. Which place Tippu Sultan made capital of his Malabar kingdom in 1784 - Farook
229. The newsprint factory in Kerala is located at which place? - Velloor (Kottayam)
230. Puralimala falls in which district? - Kannur
231. Who was the first mayor of the Thiruvananthapuram city corporation? - CO Madhavan
232. Name the poet who created the Sanskrit grammar work 'Prakriya Sarvasva? - Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri
233. What isthe length of Periyar river? - 244 KM
234. Who offered Ezhara Ponnana at the Ettumanoor Temple? - Marthanda Varma
235. Who wrote the humorous books 'Viruthan Sanku' and 'Ammayi Panchatantram'? - Karat Achutha Menon
236. Name the playback singer who was the forefront of 'Old is Gold' launched to introduce the old melodies in Malayalam films to the new generation? - KP Udayabhanu
237. What is the original name of known Mappilappattu singer T Ubaid - Abdul Rehman
238. Name the noted singer who rendered the song 'Adma Vidyalayame' in the film 'Harichandra'? Kamukara Purushothaman
239. Who was the king of Travancore when Tippu Sultan attacked Tranvancore? - Dharmaraja (Karthikathirunal Ramavarma)
240. Name the Malayali cartoonist who was nominated tot eh Rajya Sabha? - Abu Abraham
241. Who is the first Keralite Cardinal? - Joseph Parecattil
242. Name the first Malayali woman who won the Arjuna Award? - KC Elamma
243. In whose death day on Jun 19, Kerala observes as the 'Vaayanadinam'? - PN Panicker
244. Name the Sanskrit scholar who founded the Pattambi Sanskrit Vidya Peedham? - Punnasseri Neelakanta Sharma (Punnasseri Nambi)
245. Name the Kathakali writer who was called 'Kareendran'? - Kilimanoor Raja Raja Varma
246. Who wrote the first epic poem in Malayalam 'Ramachandra Vilasam'? - Azhakathu Padmanabha Kurup
247. Kannavathu Sankaran Nambiar was whose Sarvadikaryakar? - Pazhassi Raja
248. Which was the first trade union in Kerala founded under the leadership of Vadappuram PK Bava in Alappuzha on 31 Mar 1922? - Travancore Labour Association
249. Who led Bhoodan movement in Kerala? - K Kelappan
250. Which city is known as the city of three Ls? - Kottayam (Land of Latex, Letters and Lakes)

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