1. Who is the author of the historical novel 'Velluvakammara'? - Chengalathu Kunjirama Menon
2. Where is the birth place of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer? - Thalayolapparambu
3. In connection with which temple entry, people's referendum was held? - Guravayoor Temple
4. Who formally inaugurated the Paliyam Satyagraha on December 4, 1947? - C Kesavan
5. In which year Travancore University become Kerala University? - 1957
6. What was the historical event that took place on November 12, 1936? - Travancore temple entry proclamation
7. At which place Chattambiswamikal attained samadhi in 1924? - Panamana (Kolam)
8. Name the Malayalam poet who was called the singer of National freedom? - Vallathol
9. Who wrote the criticism book 'Noval Sahithyam'? - MP Paul
10. Who led Jeevasikha Jaatha from Ankamali to Thiruvananthapuram during the Liberation Struggle? - Mannathu Padmanabhan
11. Which is the first cinemascope film in Malayalam? - Thachli Ambu
12. What is the name of the waterway that runs from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargod? - West Coast Canal (National Waterway No.3)
13. Name the Malayali who wrote the book 'Gandhi and Anarchy'? - C Sankaran Nair
14. The Keezhariyur bomb case which was part of Quit India agitation took place in which district of the present time? - Kozhikode
15. Which is the nort-most Assembly constituency? - Manjeswaram
16. Who wrote the poem 'Sooryakanthi'? - G Sankaran Kurup
17. The Koothu present by women? - Nangiar Koothu
18. Whose biography is 'Arodum Paribhavamillathe'? - MKK Nair
19. With which boat race, the race season begins in Kerala? - Champakulam Moolam Boat Race
20. Who is the founder of Kottakkal Aryavaidyasala? - PS Warrier
21. Name the Kottayam king who died fighting with the British on November 30, 1805? - Pazhassi Raja
22. Kerala's largest Taluk Eranad is situated in which district? - Malappuram
23. V Sambasivan is associated with which art form? - Kadhaprasangam
24. Name the novel that was written jointly by Sethu and Punathil Kunjabdulla? - Navagrahangalude Thadavara
25. Who built St. Angelo Fort in Kannur? - Francisco de Almedia
26. In which name Kerala dairy farmers' cooperative society is known? - Milma
27. Who was the most talented Kathakali artiste in presenting women characters? - Kudamaloor Karunakaran Nair
28. Who was the hero in the first talkie 'Balan'? - KK Aroor
29. Name the instrument that accompanies 'Ashtapadi'? - Idakka
30. Name the book written by Swathithirunal that elaborates on the festival activities at Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple? - Utsavaprabandham
31. What is the original name of Kadamattathu Kathanar? - Poulose
32. Mankulam Vishnu Namboodiri became famous in which art form - Kathakali
33. Which dance form was developed from Dasiyattom of Devadasi's? - Mohiniyattam
34. Who wrote the drama BA Mayavi? - EV Krishna Pillai
35. Who wrote the book 'Russian Panorama'? - KPS Menon
36. Palakkad mani Iyer was a maestro in which instrument? - Mridangam
37. Who is known as the exponent of Koodiyattam? - Ammannur Madhava Chakyar
38. 'Tamasoma Jyotir Gamaya' is the motto of which University in Kerala? - Kannur University
39. Vypin Island is located in which backwaters? - Vembanad Lake
40. Who was the first woman chief secretary of Kerala? - Padma Ramachandran
41. Name the first Kerala governor who died in Office? - Sikander Bakht
42. Name the only chief minister who resigned following no-trust motion? - R sankar
43. Who wrote the book 'Charaka paithrukam' - Dr MS Vallyathan
44. Name the finance minister who presented the first Kerala budget? - C Achutha Menon
45. Who Inaugurated Mahatma Gandhi University? - Gyani Zail Singh
46. Who was the first Kerala's Inspector General of Police? - N Chandrasekharan Nair
47. Parichamuttukali is associated with which religion? - Christian
48. On which day Kunjan Nambiar Day is observed? - May 5
49. Name the artiste who presented the pictorial serial 'Akavum Puravum'? - AS Nair
50. Which actor won the State best actor award for debut film? - Achan Kunju (Film Lorry)