1. Which is the monthly journal published by Coir-board - Coir News
2. In a Joint stock company, the balance sheet is prepared in the order of - Permanence
3. In a Joint Deposit Account nomination facilities are available to - No nominee
4. Current ration shows the ___ of a business concern - Liquidity position
5. The credit information Act was passed in - May 2005
6. RBI use ___ tool when it feels there is too much money floating in the banking system - Reverse Repo
7. A cheque bearing the same date as the date of drawing is called ___ cheque - Duly dated or current dated cheque
8. CBSR Represents - Committee on Banking Sector Reforms
9. India's first credit Rating Agency is - CIBIL
10. ___ are also known as Sight Drafts - Demand Draft
11. Admission of members and allotment of shares is the legitimate duty of - Managing committee
12. The practice of authorizing 2 persons for the safe custody of cash and valuable is known as - Double lock system
13. Sahakarana Sabdam is the publication of - Kerala Primary Co-operative society staff Association
14. Which is the first fishers co-operative society - Puthupally Theeradesa Malsya Vyavasaya Co-operative society
15. ___ is called one stop service in bank - Teller system
16. Investment banks are first organised by - Germany
17. Active deposits is another name of - Secondary Deposits
18. Rule 101 of the Kerala state co-operative societies Act 1969 deals with - Maintenance of Register
19. When bank charge is debited by bank OD - Increase
20. ICA Shifted its Headquarters to Geneva in the year - 1982
21. The prime minister scheme Bank A/c for all - Jandhan Yojana 2014
22. ___ is a poverty eradication project officially launched in the state on may 1998 - Kudumbasree
23. ___ is one which specialised in financing foreign exchange in a country - Exchange Bank
24. General lien is defined in ___ Act - Indian Contract Act
25. Six banks were nationalised on - 15 April 1980
26. ___ was the chairman of the committee appointed by Lord Curzon for the enactment of first co-op society's Act - Sir Edward Law
27. Object of enactment of the second co-operative societies Act is for the promotion of ___ & ___ type of societies - Non Credit & Federal
28. Co-operation became a provincial subject under ___ Act - Montague Chelmsford Administrative Reforms Act 1919
29. The three important documents which governs the life and activities of co-operative institutions are - Act, Rule and Byelaw
30. Application for Registration shall be made in ___ in form no - In Duplicate in Form No. 1
31. The scrutiny with regard to the area of operation of a society is done as per section - 7(1)(c)
32. The competent authority to make model-byelains for each class of societies is - RCS
33. No member shall be eligible to continue to be a member is he is not using the service of the society for ___ consecutive years - 2
34. The most important book maintained by the society is - Minutes book
35. Appointment of nominees in the case of Apex societies is made by - Government
36. A committee is removed from office by registrar is known as - Super session
37. A member of a superseded committee is disqualified to contest in an election for - 2 Consecutive Terms
38. The ___ will have all the characteristics of a valid mortgage - Gehan
39. The register maintained by salary disbursing officer containing the details of recovery & remittance shall be in form No - Form No. 11
40. In the absence of paying education funds, the chief executive shall pay penal interest @ ___ on default amount - 8%
41. Loans from consortium lending scheme is provided to societies for - Infrastructure Development to Societies
42. The Quantum of bad debt is fixed by - Auditor
43. The scheme for helping the members who died within the repayment period of such loan - Co-operative Risk Fund Scheme
44. Employees contribution to PF is - 10% of Basic Pay
45. Fluid resources are maintained as per the direction of - Government
46. An administrative committee is appointed for a period of - 6 months
47. The qualifications and experience of auditors are stated in - Rule 64A
48. The woman member is Rochdale equitable pioneer society is - Antew Tail
49. The common liquidation fund shall be maintained by - Assistant Registrar
50. Before enforcement of charge, the RCS shall issue notice to the defaulter to make the payment with in - 30 days