Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 104

1. Neutron was discovered by ___
[a] James Chadwick
[b] Ruther ford
[c] J.J. Thomson
[d] Hendry cavendish

2. The element present in insulin is ____?
[a] Zinc
[b] Calcium
[c] Magnesium
[d] Silicon

3. The chemical name of Gypsum is ___ ?
[a] Calcium sulphate
[b] Calcium Bicarbonate
[c] Calcium carbonate
[d] Calcium Oxide

4. Heat transfer through solids occurs by ____ ?
[a] Radiation
[b] Conduction
[c] convection
[d] super fluidity

5. The author of 'Udyana Virunnu'?
[a] Kumaranasan
[b] Pandit Karuppan
[c] Vallathol
[d] Chattampi Swamikal

6. What is the acid contained in oranges?
[a] Acetic acid
[b] Citric acid
[c] Lactic acid
[d] Oxalic acid

7. Energy change in Dynamo is?
[a] Mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy
[b] Mechanical energy is converted to heat energy
[c] Heat energy is converted to electrical energy
[d] Heat energy is converted to chemical energy

8. The colour of flowers is due to ___ ?
[a] Chlorophyll
[b] Melanin
[c] Phyochrome
[d] Anthocyanin

9. Mannath Padmanabhan started his professional life as a ?
[a] Lawyer
[b] Teacher
[c] Engineer
[d] Doctor

10. The Villuvandi Yathra was related to?
[a] Chattampi Swamikal
[b] Vagbhatananda
[c] Sahodaran Ayyappan
[d] Ayyankali

11. By which constitutional amendment, the application Rajpramukh was omitted?
[a] 42nd
[b] 17th
[c] 7th
[d] 13th

12. A judge of the supreme court retires at the age of ?
[a] 60 years
[b] 58 years
[c] 55 years
[d] 65 years

13. Who presides over the joint sitting of the Loksabha and the Rajya Sabha?
[a] Prime Minister
[b] Speaker of Lok Sabha
[c] Chairman of Rajya sabha
[d] Vice President

14. The president can be impeached under which Article?
[a] Article 53
[b] Article 61
[c] Article 63
[d] Article 72

15. The first speaker of Loksabha was ___ ?
[a] G.V. Mavalankar
[b] Neelam Sanjeev Reddy
[c] M.C. Setalvad
[d] Jawaharlal Nehru

16. A money bill in the Parliament can be introduced only with the recommendations of the?
[a] Union cabinet
[b] Speaker of Loksabha
[c] President of India
[d] Union Finance Minister

17. The 1857 Mutiny Memorial is situated in?
[a] Meerut
[b] Amritsar
[c] Delhi
[d] Kolkata

18. Where is the Children's Film society of India located?
[a] Panaji
[b] Kolkata
[c] Mumbai
[d] Hyderabad

19. 'Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary' is situated in which of the following states?
[a] Karnataka
[b] Rajasthan
[c] Jharkand
[d] Madhya Pradesh

20. Which was the first state in India to implement 'Van mahotsav'?
[a] Gujarat
[b] Arunachal pradesh
[c] Kerala
[d] Madhya Pradesh

21. Which island is known as '8th continent'?
[a] Madagascar
[b] Green Land
[c] Srilanka
[d] Papua New Guinea

22. Dadabhai Naoroji was elected to the House of Commons (British Parliament) in the year?
[a] 1893
[b] 1892
[c] 1895
[d] 1896

23. Which was the place where the first war of independence led by kunwar singh?
[a] Faizabad
[b] Jagadishpur
[c] Kanpur
[d] Barailly

24. The first INC session in Delhi was held in the year?
[a] 1919
[b] 1910
[c] 1918
[d] 1951

25. Who among the following was the first chairman of the Planning Commission?
[a] Dr. Rajendra Prasad
[b] Jawaharlal Nehru
[c] J.B. Kripalani
[d] Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

26. In India, Hindu rate of growth is associated with which of the following?
[a] Birthrate
[b] Population
[c] Per capita income
[d] National Income

27. The western part of Kerala represents?
[a] Mountain Climate
[b] Tropical Rainy Climate
[c] Tropical Savanna Climate
[d] Equatorial Climate

28. What is a mango shower?
[a] Rainfall in June to september
[b] Rainfall caused by western disturbances
[c] Pre monsoon rainfall in Karnataka and Kerala
[d] Rainfall in winter days

29. Planned economy in India is based on?
[a] None of these
[b] Mixed economy system
[c] Capitalist system
[d] Socialist system

30. When was the All India Women's Conference was founded?
[a] 1926
[b] 1925
[c] 1924
[d] 1927

31. The Mohammadan Anglo-Oriental College of Aligarh was founded by?
[a] Sir syed Ahmad khan
[b] Shaukat Ali
[c] M.Ali Jinnah
[d] Mohammad Ali

32. Kuka Movement was organized by?
[a] Guru Ram Singh
[b] Guru Gobind Singh
[c] Guru Ram Das
[d] Guru Nanak

33. At which congress session did Dadabhai Naoroji announce that Swaraj was the goal of India's Political efforts?
[a] 1906 Calcutta session
[b] 1906 Mumbai session
[c] 1905 Benaras session
[d] 1905 Kanpur session

34. The partition of Bengal (1905) was annulled by the?
[a] Government of India Act 1935
[b] Proclamation of Delhi Durbar in 1911
[c] Indian Councils Act of 1909
[d] Chelmsford Montague Report 1919

35. Sirohi National Park is situated in the state of?
[a] Maharashtra
[b] Tamil Nadu
[c] Gujarat
[d] Manipur

36. Permanent settlement was a feature of?
[a] Mahalwari system
[b] Bisatwari system
[c] Zamindari system
[d] Ryotwari system

37. Which among the following banks was the first to provide online banking facility?
[a] HSBC
[b] HDFC
[c] SBI

38. Which section of the Information Technology Act, 2000 deals with Child Pornography?
[a] Section 67A
[b] Section 67B
[c] Section 66A
[d] Section 66B

39. Unwanted or non-requested emails are called?
[a] Spam
[b] Snail Mail
[c] Spoofing
[d] Snifing

40. To reload a web page, we use the shortcut ___ ?
[a] F4
[b] F5
[c] F11
[d] F12

41. World's largest Computer Chip maker is?
[a] Azus
[b] Intel
[c] Nuidea
[d] Samsung

42. Which of the following is not a function of the control unit?
[a] Read instruction
[b] Execute instruction
[c] Interpret instruction
[d] Direct operations

43. Who is the first woman lawyer to be directly appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court?
[a] Geeta Verma
[b] Anita Nair
[c] Indu Malhotra
[d] Adhith Asokh

44. Which among the following is selected as the best animation movie in 2018 Golden Globe Awards?
[a] In the Fade
[b] Lady Bird
[c] Coco
[d] Darkest Hour

45. Which Indian celebrity ranked first in 2017 celebrity 100 list by Forbes India Magazine?
[a] Mohanlal
[b] Mohanlal
[c] Salman khan
[d] Sharook khan

46. The first person of backward caste to become a member of Sreemoolam Popular assembly?
[a] K.Kelappan
[b] Karuppan
[c] Dr.Palpu
[d] Ayyankali

47. Who ousted God from the centre and placed mind in its place?
[a] Agamananda
[b] Chattampi Swamikal
[c] Brahmananda Sivayogi
[d] Sahodaran Ayyappan

48. Name the person associated with Dharma Yukam?
[a] Swami Vivekananda
[b] Ayya Vaikundar
[c] Jyotirao Phule
[d] Thycaud Ayya

49. The place where the first government press in Kerala was established?
[a] Thiruvananthapuram
[b] Kozhikode
[c] Kottayam
[d] Thrissur

50. What is the scientific name of Chenkurunji tree?
[a] Artocarpus Integra
[b] Gluta Travancorica
[c] Tectona Grandis Linn
[d] None of these