1. First State to pass Right to Information Act in India
[a] Haryana
[b] Punjab
[c] Maharashtra
[d] Tamil Nadu

2. Resting place of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar
[a] Chaitya Bhoomi
[b] Shakthi Bhoomi
[c] Samathabhoomi
[d] Veerbhoomi

3. India government launched Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) on the birth anniversary of
[a] Deen Dayal Upadhya
[b] Jayaprakash Narayan
[c] Mahatma Gandhi
[d] Atal Bihari Vajpayee

4. Which of the following does not come under the programme Bharat Nirman
[a] Water
[b] Roads
[c] Sanitation
[d] Irrigation

5. Which Viceroy withdrawn Doctrine of Lapse
[a] Lord Dalhousie
[b] Lord Curzon
[c] Lord Ripon
[d] Lord Canning

6. Young Bengal Movement was started by
[a] Surendranath Banerji
[b] Henry Vivian Derozio
[c] Colonel Olcott
[d] Swami Vivekananda

7. Which of the following leader fled to Nepal during the revolt of 1857
[a] Nana Sahib
[b] Kanwar Singh
[c] Tantia Tope
[d] Bahadur Sha II

8. The revolt of 1857 was called as National Rising by
[a] S.N. Sen
[b] V.D. Savarkar
[c] Benjamin Disraeli
[d] Ashok Mehta

9. The word Swaraj was first used in the congress session held at
[a] Delhi
[b] Mumbai
[c] Culcutta
[d] Madras

10. Smallest biosphere reserve in India, Dibru Saikhowa, is in
[a] Meghalaya
[b] Assam
[c] Mizoram
[d] Maharashtra

11. 'Arayan' journal was started by
[a] Ayyankali
[b] Pandit Karuppan
[c] Velukkutty Arayan
[d] Pambadi John Joseph

12. Cochin State Prajamandal was established in
[a] 1943
[b] 1942
[c] 1941
[d] 1949

13. National Highway which passes through Palakkad gap
[a] NH 544
[b] NH 744
[c] NH 944
[d] NH 85

14. Brand Ambassador of Akshaya Project in Kerala
[a] Mohan lal
[b] Mammootty
[c] Sachin Tendulkar
[d] Manju Warrior

15. Bakel Fort in Kasargode was built by
[a] Tipu Sultan
[b] Portuguese
[c] Sivappa Naikar
[d] French

16. First women ruler of Travancore
[a] First women ruler of Travancore
[b] Rani Gouri Lakshmi Bai
[c] Sethu Lekshmi Bai
[d] Rani Janaki Bai

17. The Speaker who used casting votes for most number of times
[a] A.P. Kurian
[b] A.C. Jose
[c] M. Vijayakumar
[d] T.S. John

18. Cultural capital of Kasargod
[a] Nileshwaram
[b] Manjeswaram
[c] Hosdurg
[d] Kanjangadu

19. First railway route in Travancore
[a] Travancore-Kanyakumari
[b] Kollam-Sengottai
[c] Nagarcoil-Kanyakumari
[d] Kollam-Travancore

20. First Digital Panchayat in Kerala
[a] Vazhathope
[b] Pambadum Cholai
[c] Pampakuda
[d] Udumbannor

21. The Local Self Government Ombudsman is appointed by
[a] Governor
[b] Chief Minister
[c] Chief Justice of High Court
[d] President

22. Which of these states was under Presidential rule for the longest duration
[a] Punjab
[b] Mizoram
[c] Meghalaya
[d] Kerala

23. Who exercises casting vote in case of a tie
[a] President
[b] Attorney General
[c] Speaker
[d] Solicitor General

24. Which of the following article says about the Ordinance Making power of the Governor
[a] Article 123
[b] Article 321
[c] Article 213
[d] Article 161

25. The Constitution describes India as a
[a] Federal State
[b] Quasi-federal State
[c] Unitary State
[d] Union of States

26. 'Price Control' comes under which list of the Indian Constitution
[a] State List
[b] Union List
[c] Concurrent List
[d] Residuary Powers

27. Provisions relating to the administration and control of Scheduled areas and Scheduled Tribes included in
[a] Fifth Schedule
[b] Fourth Schedule
[c] Sixth Schedule
[d] Seventh Schedule

28. First woman to become Central Chief Information Commissioner
[a] Aruna Roy
[b] Padma Ramachandran
[c] Deepak Sandhu
[d] Ela Bhatt

29. In which country Nipah Virus was first reported?
[a] India
[b] Bangladesh
[c] Congo
[d] Malaysia

30. Which of the following is the first Latin American country joined NATO?
[a] Brazil
[b] Chile
[c] Colombia
[d] Uruguay

31. Philanthropist is one:
[a] Who hates everybody
[b] Who love mankind
[c] Who walk along the street
[d] Who collect stamps

32. Replace the word underlined by suitable single word.
He has a large collection of books at home
[a] Book shop
[b] Museum
[c] Curios
[d] Library

33. You are placed under suspension untill ___ orders.
[a] Farther
[b] Future
[c] Further
[d] Next

34. I want to meet the artist ____ has painted this pictures.
[a] Which
[b] That
[c] Who
[d] Whom

35. They opposed the motion ___ was proposed by the rival group.
[a] Who
[b] Which
[c] Where
[d] When

36. Honesty is ___ best policy
[a] The
[b] A
[c] Not
[d] Never

37. She did not smile ------ I apologized
[a] Still
[b] Until
[c] Yet
[d] For

38. We resumed the game ___ it stopped raining.
[a] While
[b] Where
[c] As soon as
[d] Immediately

39. An animal able to live both in land and water is called.
[a] Amphibian
[b] Aristocrat
[c] Amateur
[d] Architect

40. Which of these words means a form of art.
[a] College
[b] Collage
[c] Colleague
[d] coolage

41. A man whose wife is dead is called
[a] Widow
[b] Bachelor
[c] Widower
[d] Celibate

42. The opposite of optimistic is
[a] Obedient
[b] Pessimistic
[c] Mystic
[d] Orderly

43. There are ___ animals in the zoo
[a] Much
[b] Maximum
[c] Several
[d] More

44. The wrongly spelt word is ___
[a] Occasion
[b] Vacation
[c] Occupation
[d] Vaccancy

45. 'Invaluable'means___
[a] Not valuable
[b] Very valuable
[c] Negatively Valuable
[d] Valuable at present

46. I ___ my uncle's house in those days.
[a] Had used to visit
[b] Used to visit
[c] We used to visit
[d] Am used to visit

47. I say my prayers ___ I sleep
[a] While
[b] After
[c] When
[d] Before

48. I feel ___ about what happened.
[a] Worse
[b] Bad
[c] Worst
[d] None of the above

49. One word for a collection of ships
[a] Pack
[b] Cluster
[c] Fleet
[d] Group

50. I would hurry up,if I ___ you
[a] Were
[b] Was
[c] Is
[d] Am