[23/2016 - Administrative Assistant/Accounts Officer - KPSC]
Date of Exam - 06 Feb 2016
1. Who called Patel as 'Sardar Vallabhai Patel' for the first time?
[a] Sarojini Naidu
[b] Jawaharlal Nehru
[c] Tagore
[d] Gandhiji

2. The first Muslim President of Indian National Congress was:
[a] Rahimullah Sayani
[b] Jinnah
[c] Azad
[d] Badurudin Tabji

3. The place known as "Granary of South India" is:
[a] Kottayam
[b] Trichy
[c] Thanjavur
[d] Kanyakumari

4. The first Arab writer to call Kerala as 'Malabar' was:
[a] Ibn Battuta
[b] Sulaiman
[c] Albaruni
[d] Nicolo Conti

5. Which among the following articles provide a negative right?
[a] Article 17
[b] Article 19
[c] Article 30
[d] Article 32

6. The ministry of human resource development was created by:
[a] Indira Gandhi
[b] Rajeev Gandhi
[c] VP Singh
[d] Narasimha Rao

7. Article 86 empowers the president to:
[a] Issue ordinances
[b] Issue directives to State governments
[c] Administer Union Territories
[d] Send messages to Parliament

8. Human Rights Act was passed in the year:
[a] 1989
[b] 1991
[c] 1993
[d] 1999

9. The normal term of office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India is :
[a] 4 years
[b] 5 years
[c] 6 years
[d] 7 years

10. The famous Electricity Agitation happened in 1936 at:
[a] Trichur
[b] Kasargod
[c] Travancore
[d] Kollam

11. Change the voice:
We keep the books there
[a] The books are kept there
[b] The books were kept there
[c] The books are being kept there
[d] The books were being kept there

12. Seventy Kilos ____ not what they want.
[a] has
[b] have
[c] is
[d] are

13. Dev is ___ than Rani
[a] old
[b] more old
[c] elder
[d] older

14. He said that he ____ as poem.
[a] has written
[b] was writing
[c] will write
[d] is writing

15. Jane reached there ____ 8 O' clock.
[a] on
[b] for
[c] in
[d] at

16. Give the one-word substitute for the phrase, "to join the majority".
[a] agree
[b] climb
[c] die
[d] support

17. There is ____ money in the purse. It is empty
[a] little
[b] a little
[c] few
[d] a few

18. He has ___ his habit of smoking.
[a] given out
[b] given back
[c] given up
[d] given away

19. Many ___ are grazing in the field.
[a] sheeves
[b] sheep
[c] sheeps
[d] Sheepe

20. Choose the correct option to get the meaning
"We still live here"
[a] We have been living here for the past ten years
[b] We are living here for the past ten years
[c] We had lived here for the past ten years
[d] We were living here for the past ten years