Model Questions High Court Assistant Exam

[139/2017 - Assistant Engineer Ground Water Department]
Date of Exam: 01 Dec 2017
1. Who was the first Malayalam novelist who won the Jnanpith?
[a] G Sankarakkuruppu
[b] SK Pottakkad
[c] MT Vasudevan Nair
[d] Valsala

2. Who led the 'Pattini Jatha' from Kannur to Madras in 1936?
[a] EMS Namboothirippad
[b] K Kelappan
[c] AK Gopalan
[d] C Kesavan

3. What is the name of the mission which aims to achieve full immunisation coverage for all children in the country by 2020?
[a] Mission Indradhanush
[b] Make India
[c] Bal Swachata Mission
[d] AYUSH Mission

[135/2017 - Junior Instructor - Tailoring and Garment Making]
Date of Exam: 22 Nov 2017

4. Golden Fibre refers to:
[a] Cotton
[b] Jute
[c] Silk
[d] Tea

5. The headquarters of GST council in India:
[a] Hyderabad
[b] Mumbai
[c] New Delhi
[d] Kolkatta

6. Saka Era was started in:
[a] AD 326
[b] AD 87
[c] AD 78
[d] AD 236

7. Jawahar Rojgar Yojana was launched in which plan?
[a] 5th Five Year Plan
[b] 6th Five Year Plan
[c] 7th Five Year Plan
[d] 8th Five Year Plan

8. Which Five Year Plan was given the slogan of 'Garibi Hatao'?
[a] 5th Five Year Plan
[b] 6th Five Year Plan
[c] 7th Five Year Plan
[d] 4th Five Year Plan

9. Who is known as 'Prince of Martyr' in Indian History?
[a] Sukh Dev
[b] Raj Guru
[c] Mangal Pandey
[d] Bhagat Singh

10. Name the movement started by Gandhiji against Indigo Planters.
[a] Kheda
[b] Ahmedabad Mill Strike
[c] Champaran
[d] NC Movement

[127/2017 - Draftsman Grade-II (Mechanical)]
Date of Exam: 30 Oct 2017

11. Which Article of Indian Constitution allows to proclaim financial emergency under circumstances?
[a] Article 352
[b] Article 356
[c] Article 360
[d] Article 362

12. POCSO Act meant:
[a] Prohibition of Children from Sexual Offences
[b] Prohibition of Criminal Sexual Offences
[c] Protection of Children from Sexual Offences
[d] Prevention of Criminals from Sex Offences

13. The book 'Bilathivishesham' was written by:
[a] SK Pottekad
[b] K Ramakrishna Pillai
[c] VK Narayanankutty Nair
[d] KP Kesava Menon

14. 'Sabari Ashram' an orphanage for the children of the depressed classes was started by:
[a] Dr. Ayyathan Gopalan
[b] VT Bhattathiripad
[c] TR Krishna Swami Iyer
[d] VP Narayanan Nambiar

15. 'Sreemoolavasam' was closely associated as:
[a] Buddhist centre
[b] Popular assembly
[c] Royal Households
[d] Jain Centre

[125/2017 - Lecturer in Computer Application]
Date of Exam: 26 Oct 2017

16. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan was launched in which five-year plan?
[a] 7th
[b] 8th
[c] 9th
[d] 10th

17. Child helpline phone no. in Kerala:
[a] 1098
[b] 1091
[c] 1090
[d] 1900

18. Right to information act was enacted from:
[a] 2001
[b] 2005
[c] 2007
[d] 2008

19. Study of Fossils is known as:
[a] Orology
[b] Limnology
[c] Lithology
[d] Palaeontology

20. Which of the following is known as the Magna Carta of Education in India?
[a] Wood's Despatch
[b] Macaulay's Minute
[c] Hunter Commission
[d] Kothari Commission