Model Questions High Court Assistant Exam

[140/2017 - Fitter - Kerala Water Authority]
Date of Exam: 04 Dec 2017

1. The Journal in which "Veenapoovu" by Mahakavi Kumaranasan was first published:
[a] Samadarsi
[b] Mitha Vadi
[c] Rajya Samacharam
[d] Prabodhakan

2. Which Article of the Constitution of India deals with Cow Slaughter Ban?
[a] Article 48
[b] Article 49
[c] Article 49A
[d] Article 48A

3. 'Mann Ki Bath' the Radio Address of the prime minister of India was started in:
[a] October 2014
[b] January 2015
[c] January 2014
[d] October 2015

4. The Temple Entry Proclamation was prepared and written by:
[a] TK Madhavan
[b] Dr. Palpu
[c] Ulloor S Parameswara Iyer
[d] Kumaranasan

5. The first women-friendly Grama Panchayat in Kerala:
[a] Iraviperoor
[b] Maneheswaram
[c] Perumanna
[d] Mararikkulam South

6. The only chief Justice who bore the charge of the Acting President of India:
[a] M Hidayathulla
[b] KG Balakrishnn
[c] Markandeya Katju
[d] BP Sinha

7. The first short story in Malayalam:
[a] Marappavakal
[b] Velutha Kutti
[c] Vasana Vikruthi
[d] Kalabhaisavan

8. The First Newspaper in Kerala:
[a] Paschimodayam
[b] Rajya Samacharam
[c] Paschima Tharakam
[d] Sahodaran

9. The Malayalam journal founded by poet Kumaran Asan, popularly known as 'The Ezhava Gazette':
[a] Sathyavadi
[b] Kerala Kaumudi
[c] Yukthivadi
[d] Vivekodayam

10. The first member of Pulaya community to be nominated to Travancore Legislature Assembly:
[a] Ayyankali
[b] Pandit Karuppan
[c] PC Chanchin
[d] TT Kesavan Sasthri

11. The main woman leader in "Kullumala Revolt' for better living of women:
[a] Akkamma Cheriyan
[b] Arya Pallam
[c] Parvathi Manazhi
[d] Anna Chandi

12. The woman leader whom Mahatma Gandhi called the Jhansi Rani of Kerala:
[a] Lalitha Prabhu
[b] Akkamma Cheriyan
[c] Anna Chandi
[d] Rosamma Punnus

13. The number of levels in the Killer 'Game Blue Whale':
[a] 49
[b] 39
[c] 50
[d] 40

14. Nithya Chaithanya Yati was the disciple of:
[a] Narayana Guru
[b] Nataraja Guru
[c] Swami Bodhananda
[d] Vagbhadananda

15. 'I met a real man in Malabar', these famous words by Swami Vivekanandan was about:
[a] Ayyankali
[b] K Kelappan
[c] Chattambi Swamikal
[d] Brahmananda Sivayogi

[139/2017 - Assistant Engineer Ground Water Department]
Date of Exam : 01 Dec 2017

16. What is the name of the Line of Control between India and Pakistan?
[a] Mc Mohan Line
[b] Radcliffe Line
[c] Palk Line
[d] Siachin Line

17. What was the name of the Ship used by Vasco-da-Gama for his voyage?
[a] HMS Beagle
[b] Savo Gabriel
[c] Voyager
[d] Savo Plow

18. Who describer the 'Directive Principles' as the 'Novel Features of the Indian Constitution'?
[a] Dr. Rajendra Prasad
[b] Jawaharlal Nehru
[c] Sardar Vallabhai Patel
[d] Dr. BR Ambedkar

19. The height of Mount Anamudi:
[a] 2695 metres
[b] 2965 metres
[c] 2756 metres
[d] 2654 metres

20. Which day is celebrated as 'Coconut Day"?
[a] November 01
[b] August 02
[c] January 28
[d] September 02