Model Questions High Court Assistant Exam

[Question (21-30) - 046/2018 - Beat Forest Officer]
Date of Exam : 07 Apr 2018

1. Which among the following is known as first political drama of Malayalam?
[a] Pattabakki
[b] Koottukrishi
[c] Mooladhanam
[d] Ningalenne Communistakki

2. Name the socio-reformer who led Thali Road Samaram.
[a] TK Madhavan
[b] Vakbhatananda
[c] TV Krishnan
[d] C Krishnan

3. The book 'Manninu Vendi' was written by:
[a] AK Gopalan
[b] K Thayatt
[c] K Madhavan
[d] Cherukadu

4. Which atomic power station in India is built completely indigenously?
[a] Tarapore
[b] Narora
[c] Rawat Bhata
[d] Kalpakkam

5. The scientist who arranged the elements, in their increasing order of atomic weight is:
[a] Mendeleev
[b] Dalton
[c] Avogadro
[d] Mendel

6. The baggage ___ really heavy.
[a] are
[b] is
[c] have
[d] have been

7. The principal and Chairman ___ the meeting.
[a] have not been attended
[b] has not been attended
[c] have not attended
[d] has not attended

8. The passive form of "They have built a bridge" is:
[a] A bridge have been built by them
[b] A bridge has build by them
[c] A bridge has been build by them
[d] A bridge has been built by them

9. More than one ___ playing outside.
[a] boys are
[b] boys is
[c] boy is
[d] boy are

10. Ram went to Saudi Arabia ___ year ago.
[a] a
[b] an
[c] the
[d] none of these

[Question (31-35) - 042/2018 - Jr Instructor - Industrial Training
Date of Exam : 05 Mar 2018

11. Brahmaputhra is known as the ___ in Tibet.
[a] Tsang Po
[b] Jamuna
[c] Siang
[d] Burlungbuther

12. Who was the Prime Minister of India from 1984-1989?
[a] IK Gujaral
[b] Indira Gandhi
[c] Dewa Gawda
[d] Rajiv Gandhi

13. Kerala and Karnataka get pre-mansoon showers, People call them:
[a] Loo
[b] Blossom Showers
[c] Norwesters
[d] Mango Showers

14. Author of the book 'How to Play Cricket':
[a] Sachin Tendulkar
[b] Kapil Dev
[c] Ravi Shastri
[d] Sri Dron Bradman

15. Father of white revolution:
[a] Dr. MS Swaminathan
[b] Louis Pasteur
[c] Dr. Varghese Kurien
[d] Gail Borden

[Question (36-40) - 003/2019 - Junior Instructor - Industrial Training)
Date of Exam : 29 Jan 2019

16. The social reformer who is known as 'Sarva Vidhyadiraja'?
[a] Chattampi Swamikal
[b] Sahodaran Ayyappan
[c] Ananda Theerthan
[d] VT Battathirippad

17. Who was the first Indian president who visited 'Siachin Base Camp'?
[a] KR Narayanan
[b] Ramnath Kovind
[c] Fakruddin Ali Ahmad
[d] APJ Abdul Kalam

18. Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2018 has been awarded to:
[a] Yazid Mugabe and Jiran Manuel Santos
[b] Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege
[c] Dennis Mukwege and Elihu Root
[d] Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi

19. Mexico is situated in which of the following continent?
[a] South America
[b] North America
[c] Africa
[d] Europe

20. India's first Sports Museum opened at:
[a] Mumbai
[b] Kolkata
[c] Ahmedabad
[d] Pune