Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 37

Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 37

1. My uncle is _____ in this factory at present
[a] work
[b] working
[c] worked
[d] works

2. He came _____ the street to meet me.
[a] above
[b] across
[c] against
[d] among

3. Taj Mahal is _____ most beautiful building in India
[a] the
[b] a
[c] an
[d] None of these

4. I have lived here _____ three years
[a] for
[b] from
[c] by
[d] in

5. I have a girlfriend _____ father works in England
[a] who
[b] whom
[c] whose
[d] which

6. Leave on time, lest you _____ miss the train
[a] will
[b] should
[c] would
[d] could

7. Let’s go, _____?
[a] shall we
[b] hadn’t I
[c] did they
[d] was he

8. That which cannot be believed - Give one word
[a] Incredible
[b] Zealot
[c] Laxative
[d] Epicure

9. Brito usually _____ till midnight
[a] read
[b] reads
[c] has read
[d] reading

10. The employees decided to _____ the strike as their demands have been accepted by the Prime Minister?
[a] put off
[b] lie down
[c] set out
[d] call off

11. The correct passive voice of the sentence `Raju has written a novel` is
[a] Raju has been written a novel
[b] A novel was written by Raju
[c] A novel was being written by Raju
[d] A novel has been written by Raju

12. Cry of a goose is called?
[a] how
[b] honk
[c] gaggle
[d] bray

13. The patient cured _____ his old illness
[a] of
[b] from
[c] off
[d] by

14. Time _____ all sorrows
[a] heels
[b] heals
[c] hails
[d] heirs

15. Take an umbrella in case _____
[a] it may rain
[b] it rains
[c] it will rain
[d] it rained

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