Important and Expected General Science Questions - 62

1. The chemical name of Chinese salt:

2. What is marsh gas?

3. When a bus starts suddenly, the passengers sitting in the bus lean backward. This is because of:

4. Navasaram is chemically:

5. The ore of which metal is Galena:

6. "Science without Religion is lame and Religion without Science is blind." Who said this?

7. Who is the exponenet of the Theory of Relativity?

8. What is Calcierol?

9. "Dumdum Fever' or Kala Azar is caused by:

10. Brass is an alloy of:

11. Study of Earthquakes:

12. Instrument used to measure even small quantity of current:

13. What is the temperature when density of water is the highest?

14. Name the Vitamin essential for the proper functioning of eyes:

15. Which Acid is found in lemon and oranges?

16. Which disease is caused by the deficiency of Thyroxine in children?

17. Gase used in cigarette lighter:

18. Father of Indian Atom Bomb:

19. Sunlight passing through a mist is an example of:

20. Protons and neutrons are collectively known as:

21. The poisonous gas that is liberated when PVC is burned:

22. The science dealing with the study of phenomena at very low temperature is known as:

23. Norman E Borlaug is considered as the father of:

24. Large astronomical telescopes always use:

25. Name the instrument used to measure blood pressure:

26.The comerical unit of Electric Current:

27. Limenite is the ore of:

28. The phenomenon involved in propagation of light waves through optical fibres is:

29. Full form of "GPS" is:

30. Threat of 'global warming' is increasing due to increasing concentration in the atmosphere of: