Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Model Questions - 26

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Expected Questions - 26

Kerala PSC announced Official Secretariat Assistant Exam 2018, which is going to be conducted on 13 Oct 2018. Syllabus for Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Exam 2018 is mostly same as the Company Board Assistant Exam syllabus.

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Model Questions are given in the links below. Secretariat Assistant 2018 Model Question will help you to prepare for the Exam. These question are prepared from Previous Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Question papers.

1. The longest river in Kerala
[a] Pamba
[b] Periyar
[c] Bharathapuzha
[d] Kabani

2. How many west flowing rivers are there in Kerala?
[a] 40
[b] 30
[c] 41
[d] 21

3. Biggest backwater of Kerala
[a] Sasthamkotta lake
[b] Ashtamudi lake
[c] Vembanad lake
[d] Veli lake

4. Total Geographical area of Kerala
[a] 36863
[b] 38863 sq.m
[c] 37862
[d] 35863 sq.m

5. Which district having the largest coastline in Kerala?
[a] Kollam
[b] Kannur
[c] Kozhikode
[d] Thiruvananthapuram

6. Agastyamala Biosphere included in the UNESCO Man and Biosphere programme in which year?
[a] 2015
[b] 2014
[c] 2016
[d] 2017

7. Total coastal length of Kerala
[a] 580km
[b] 480km
[c] 680km
[d] 588km

8. Percentage of High land region occupying the total area of Kerala?
[a] 48%
[b] 47%
[c] 45%
[d] 49%

9. The major soil in the midland
[a] Laterite soil
[b] Red soil
[c] Alluvial soil
[d] None of these

10. The total number of rivers in Kerala
[a] 41
[b] 34
[c] 44
[d] 40

11. Which river is known as ‘Life line of Kerala?
[a] Bharathapuzha
[b] Periyar
[c] Muthirapuzha
[d] Mayyazhi

12. Length of Periyar?
[a] 241 km
[b] 244 km
[c] 246 km
[d] 245 km

13. Least polluted river in Kerala
[a] Neyyar
[b] Kunthipuzha
[c] Manjeswaram puzha
[d] Kuttiyadi River

14. The total number of districts of Kerala having sea one of their boundaries is?
[a] 9
[b] 7
[c] 8
[d] 10

15. The largest hydro electric project in Kerala?
[a] Idukki Project
[b] Kallada Project
[c] Sabarigiri Project
[d] Neriyamangalam Project

16. Which of the following flows towards east?
[a] Chandragiri
[b] Korappuzha
[c] Kabani
[d] Periyar

17. Silent Valley is a......
[a] Cyber park
[b] Wildlife Sanctuary
[c] Reserved Forest
[d] National Park

18. There are ..... lakes in Kerala
[a] 33
[b] 30
[c] 34
[d] 27

19. Aranmula Uthratathi Boat race is held in?
[a] Bharathapuzha
[b] Pamba
[c] Vembanadu lake
[d] Punnamada lake

20. Bharathapuzha originates from?
[a] Anamala
[b] Sivagirimala
[c] Pulichimala
[d] Ilampaleri hills

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