1. The Indus river flows through which Indian State

  2. Which river flows into the Wular lake

  3. Which river flows through the Kulu Valley

  4. The Bhakra Dam is built across which river

  5. Which river takes a U-turn around the Namcha Barwa before entering India

  6. Which river is known as 'Dihang' in Arunachal Pradesh  

  7. Which plateau is extended over eight Indian states and covers 43 percent of India's landmass

  8. In which mountain range is the Mount Abu situated  

  9. Which river originates in the Chota Nagpur Plateau

  10. Major portion of the Chota Nagpur plateau is situated in which state

  11. What is the name of the eastern coast of India

  12. In which part of India is the submerging coast found

  13. In which river is the Salal Project is constructed

  14. Which type of soil covers about 40 percent of total area of the country

  15. The alluvial soils are generally rich in potash and poor in

  16. Which type of soil is 'self ploughing'

  17. Which type of soil is also known as regur and Chernozem  

  18. Which type of soils are formed in areas with high temperature and high rainfall  

  19. What is the name of the outer most solid part of the Earth

  20. What is the normal thickness of the crust

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