Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 25

  1. Which is the largest Indian river that flows into the Arabian Sea

  2. Which Indian river is also known as Chandrabhaga

  3. Where is the famous tourists spots of Wandoor Beach and Limestone Caves are situated

  4. In which Indian state is the maximum number of Coast Guard stations have been established

  5. In which Indian state is the Tuirial Hydro Electric project situated

  6. Where was Asia's first Export Processing Zone was set up in 1965

  7. Which steel plant is known as 'India's first Swadeshi steel plant

  8. Across which river is the gandhi Sagar Dam built

  9. The Polymetallic Modules found in sea water predominantly contain which metal

  10. Which river is known as Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet

  11. The Jhamarkotra mine of Rajasthan are best known for which mineral

  12. The Garo Hills is situated in which Indian state

  13. In which strait is the Rama Setu situated

  14. Which is the first Indian product to get Protected Geographic Indicator

  15. Area wise, which is the largest physiographic unit of India

  16. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are submerged parts of mountain range called

  17. Which Indian state has the maximum percentage of mangrove cover in the country

  18. In which Indian state is Asia's largest tulip garden situated

  19. The Barak Valley in Assam is famous for

  20. Which Indian river are crossing the Tropic of Cancer Twice?

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