Kerala PSC Junior Clerk/Secretary Co-operative Societies Model Questions - 12

Kerala PSC - Junior Clerk/Secretary, Co-operative Societies - Model Question Paper 12

1. ___ is called state with in a state. - Co-operation
2. A committee removed from office by the RCS is known as - Supersession
3. The temporary committee appointed when decision of a society under section 14 - Interim committee
4. ___ is also called customer's ledger or sales ledger - Debtor's ledger
5. 'History of the Rochdale Pioneers' written by - George Jacob Holyoke
6. These are ___ chapters in KCS Rules - 15
7. Dispute to be decided by RCS or Arbitration court deals in Section - 69(1)
8. Smaller General body constituted out of General body is - Representative General Body
9. Register of members eligible to vote - Form No - 32
10. Credit limit statement is to be maintained for - 3 years
11. Section 80 of KCS Act came into effect from - 15.5.1969
12. The major source of revenue of any business - Sales
13. Issue of notice of maturity of deposits to the depositor is - Mandatory
14. When a number of co-operation make use of the services of an author jointly. It is - Group Audit
15. A contract guarantee is governed by the provisions of - Indian Contract Act
16. Section 138 of NI Act states that - Insufficient Funds 
17. When the rate of interest is changed from time to time it is called - Floating rate
18. A document is defined in - Indian Evidence Act
19. Photograph of operators while opening new deposit accounts was insisted as per the recommendation of - Ghosh committee
20. How long the Liquidator has to keep the books and records of winding up of a society - 3 years
21. Letters received in the co-operative bank should be entered in - Inward Register
22. Encumberance certificate discloses the liability of - Property 
23. The quorum for the managing committee section - 28(5)
24. 'Indian Consumer co-operator' is the publication of - NCCF
25. Training institute of KSCB - ACSTI
26. ___ refer to the amount called up by the company but not paid by the share holder - calls in arrears
27. The amount received by a non-profit organisation on the death of a person as per his will is called - Legacy
28. The right to retain the goods and securitites till the payment of debt - Lien
29. As per sec. ___every co-op. society shall establish a library - 74G
30. The period of an interim committee - 3 months
31. ___ means the formal expression of any decision of a civil court - Decree
32. Equity shares are also called as - Ordinary shares
33. If the number of shares applied for is more than the no. of shares offered - Over subscription
34. In India Accounting Standards are issued by - ICAI
35. ___ Concept states that every change in resources brings equal changes in equities - Dual aspect
36. Rectifying entries are passed through - Journal proper
37. Bad and doubtful debts are made in the books before ascertaining the profit, is under ___ convention - Convention of conservation 
38. Accrued income is an example of ___ personal A/c - Representative personal A/c
39. A firm maintains ___ need not maintain cash account in the ledger - cash book
40. An expenditure in which the benefit spread over a number of years - Capital Expenditure
41. A member removed from office by RCs -Rule - 16(4)
42. Under which section the Registrar can order for an enquiry into the working of a co-operative society - Section 65
43. A person to whom customers can approach for redress of his grievances - Banking ombudsman
44. A secretary who is not an employee of the company  is known as - Honorary secretary
45. The treasury bills which are issued only to State Government, semi government departments are known as - Adhoc treasury bills
46. The program implemented by the government in 1996-97 to strengthen the public distribution system in the co-op sector through market intervention measures is - Neethi stores
47. Checking of selected transaction is - Test checking
48. An organisation set up with the objective to promote co-operative marketing of agricultural produce - NAFED
49. In India functions of Central Bank are done by - RBI
50. Section by which Registrar expels the director Board ofa society - Sec-32

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