Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 62

  1. Who shot dead Michael O'Dyer to avenge for the Jallian Walla Bagh Massacre

  2. Who started Bhoodan Movement

  3. Who took initiative as the president of Indian National Congress to constitute the first National Planning Committee

  4. Who committed the first political murder in modern India

  5. Who organized 'Abhinav Bharat'

  6. Who organized the raid in Chittagong Government armoury

  7. Who persuaded Governor General William Bentick to abolish Sati in 1829

  8.  Who published Al Hilal and Al Balagh

  9. India's first newspaper Hickey's Bengal Gazette started in

  10. Who said 'Go back to Vedas'

  11. Who were the Ali brothers in the national movement

  12. Who worte 'India divided'

  13. In which year Rowlatt Bill introduced

  14. Who acted India's first ambassador to United States

  15. Who authored 'The History of the War of Indian Independence'

  16. In which year the first meeting of AITUC (All India Trade Union Congress) was held

  17.  Who founded Bharat Sevak Samaj

  18. Who founded Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

  19. Who founded the Poona Sarvajanik Sabha in 1870

  20. In which year non-cooperation movement was suspended after Chauri-Chaura incident

  21. Who is known as the father of Indian Politics and Economics

  22. In which year  the British Prime Minister Ramsay Mc.Donald announced Communal Award

  23. Who represented Hindu community in the 'Second Round Table Conference'

  24. In which year the 'First Round Table Conference' was held in London

  25. Who said 'go back to Gita'

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