Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 23

Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 23

  1. Which one is a land locked state-Bihar, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh,Gujarat

  2. Jaduguda mines in Jharkhand is famous for

  3. Which one of the following joins the Ganga from the south-Gomti,Gandak,Teesta, Son

  4. Which one of the following tributaries of the Ganga system flows northwards-Kosi, Ghaghra, Chambal, Gandak

  5. The highest state capital in India

  6. Warlis are natives of

  7. Which part of India has an internal type of drainage

  8. The name of which state means the 'Land of five rivers'

  9. Which is the southernmost administrative unit of India

  10. Which river flows between the Satpuras and the Vindhyas

  11. Which river forms its delta in Orissa

  12. Which river in India is called Tsangpo in one of its reaches

  13. The Sardar Sarovar Project in Gujarat is in --- river

  14. Everest was identifies as the highest peak in the world by

  15. Which is the longest river in South India

  16. Breakfast island in Chilka lake is a part of

  17. The rivers of Alakananda and Bhagirati meet at

  18. Where is Satrunjaya Hills

  19. Which is the largest brackish water lake in India

  20. Lepchas are the tribal people in

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