Kerala PSC Model Question Paper Staff Nurse 03

Kerala PSC - Model Question Paper - Staff Nurse 03

1. Identify the technique of removal of foreign bodies in the ear - Mechanical extraction, Irrigation, Suction
2. Dropping eyelid caused by weakness of the muscle responsible for raising the eyelid- Ptosis
3. Use of drugs to kill tumour cells by interfering with cellular function and reproduction- chemotherapy
4. Dryness of oral cavity from decreased functioning of salivary galand- Xerostomia
5. Most common site of carcinoma stomach- funfus
6. Commonest symptom of Cancer of urinary bladder- Haematuria
7. Subsequent infection by same organism in the host- Reinfection
8. Reaction between a particular antigen with its antibody- agglutination
9. Vector of Plague- Rat flea
10. Polio virus is primarily transmitted by- feco oral route
11. A group of disorders that cause red blood cells to become misshapen and break down- Sickle cell anaemia
12. A behaviour problem of todler where the children assert their independence by violently objecting to discipline by displaying anger at uncontrollable level- Temper tantrum
13. Amount of oxygen administered to infants by nasal catheter per minute- 1 liter
14. Proteins are polymers of- Aminoacids
15. 10 cc is equal to- 10ml
16. Another name of knee chest position- Genu pectoral
17. E spirit de corps refers to- sense of belonging
18. Touching a patient or holding a patient without consent- Battery
19. Process of assessing staff members- Performance appraisal
20. Bed side performance of a student nurse can be ideally assessed by- Anecdotes
21. Common site of bed sore- Sacrum, heels, elbows
22. Turning the body or body part to face upward- Supination
23. Solution used for nasogastric irrigation are all except- spirit
24. Hallucination is a disorder of- perception
25. The most common reason for homelessness- Mental illness
26. Softening of cervix during pregnancy- Goodells sign
27. Normal portal vein pressure in mm of Ug- 5-15
28. Fear of dogs- cynophobia
29. Life span of a sperm is- 48-72 hours
30. Gland known as master gland- pituitary
31. Protein factory of cells- ribosomes
32. Hormone regulate fluid balance- ADH
33. Total number of RBC- 4.5 million
34. Weight of brain of total body weight- 2%
35. Size of rectal tube for giving enema to adult- 22f
36. Duration of cardiac cycle- 0.8 second
37. Location of cardiovascular centre- medulla oblongata
38. Commonest risk factor for DVT- post pattum
39. Total number of spinal nerves- 31
40. Nonmodifiable risk factor for CAD- family history
41. Bleeding from nose- Epistaxis
42. Apical pulse can be heard at- Mitral area
43. AV node is present in- Right atrium
44. Drug which may cause gray baby syndrome- Chloramphenicol
45. The medicine used to decrease raised ICP- IV manitol
46. Which is not a lymphatic organ- thyroid gland
47. Normal cardiac output in minute- 5000ml
48. Retaining a dead foetus in uterus for few weeks- Missed abortion
49. Strongest part of the body- enamel
50. The proper medical abbreviation for before meals- a.c.

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