Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 38

1. Who was the first Governor General of Bengal during the British era?

2. Who started 'Vanguard'?

3. Who wrote 'Essays on Gita' and 'Life Divine'?

4. Who wrote 'India Divided'?

5. The disciples who were with Gandhiji when he passed away:

6. The Federal Court of India was brought into existence in 1937 during the reign of:

7. The first Satyagraha conducted by Gandhiji in India:

8. Young India was started by:

9. The author of 'The War of Indian Independence:

10. The period mentioned in the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi is from childhood to:

11. As per Warren Hastings reforms, which court was set up as appeal court in criminal cases?

12. The author of 'How India Fought for freedom':

13. The author of 'Indian Philosophy':

14. The viceroy during the partition of Bengal:

15. Who wrote 'India Wins Freedom'?

16. Who wrote 'Indian Unrest'?

17. Who was the Governor General when Pitt's India Act was passed?

18. Who wrote 'A Planned Economy for India'?

19. Who wrote 'Anand Math'?

20. Who wrote 'Poverty and Un-British Rule in India?

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